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Miniature Omron G6K relays

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jeroen Belleman, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Some of you may be interested. Recently, John Larkin mentioned his
    use of many Omron G6K-2G-Y-DC5 DPDT relays here. I was interested,
    but worried about the capacitive coupling between the two sections,
    which isn't mentioned in the data sheet. So I measured it: It turns
    out to be about 30fF between the pair of open contacts and about
    110fF between the pair of closed ones. I deduce that the moving
    parts have about 80fF between them then.

    I measured contact-to-coil capacitances too: 200fF for an open
    contact and 800fF for a closed pair, after correction for the
    pad capacitances.

    Jeroen Belleman
  2. Jeroen

    Jeroen Guest

    This was measured on a single-sided board with a fat ground trace
    running between the rows. The measuring instrument was a HP5387D
    NA. The coupling looked purely capacitive up to some 100MHz.
    Beyond that, the curves got bumpy, probably mainly due to my quick
    & dirty lash-up.

    They are very nice parts indeed.

    Jeroen Belleman
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