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Mini self powered generator

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by powerzap, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. powerzap


    Aug 10, 2015
    Hello some may know by now there are some various methods on collecting electrostatic energy. You can find many posts and various you tube videos on this topic. One That strikes my attention is from a fellow from Florida who actually has pending patents on some of this work. In my opinion. I don't see how that is going to work out for him as most of this stuff is all based out of common knowledge from the birth of electricity use in the old days. Anyhow in short hes got more or less a Van De Graaff style belt electrostatic generator that runs from a 24 volts DC motor but only needs 12 volts DC to keep running. He turns on this circuit by connecting 2 12 volt batteries giving 24 volts a kick start to the 24 volt DC motor. The motor spins the belt. Very much like the Van De Graaff Generator the power is collected by the help of high voltage capacitor or layden jar. This then feeds a tesla like spark gap assembly with the electrostatic high voltage he gets a spark gap. A pulsed signal. He then uses several high voltage transformers tapping into the spark gap maybe a few mm spark the high voltage side and then on the low voltage end he now gets a much reduced voltage but what is original a near 0 amps electrostatic current gets amplified due to magnetic amplification effect to a higher current. Every transformer producing give or take 5 amps or so. He then backfeeds this power to a rectifier that brings this back down to a low DC voltage and moderate current charging 12 volt batteries and keeping the DC motor running that spins the belt. While this runs he taps into the 12 volts with a normal car inverter and has ran a 500 watts AC inverter fine from it.

    But hes got issues. The thing blows up after a while. He complains about the batteries burning out. In my opinion That is a big issue. A car battery is just not made to take a shit beating of a charge like this type of circuit could produce. It is like charging a car battery with a messed up regulator. even 18 volts will toast your battery after a while. So with all his tweaking his record for running his device without failure was about 12 hours.

    I think the easy fix for this issue is to replace the 12 volts batteries in this device with a Super Capacitor bank instead. more or less emulating a 12 volt battery. Very much like the new devices they have for cars that replace traditional batteries but can store a charge for ever and have enough battery like properties because of the super high farads in these super capacitors and not to forget to mention capacitors can take much more abuse then a 12 volt battery can. This would probably solve the batteries blowing up in this circuit.

    Now the guy claims it costs about 20k to build this demo not fully functional unit. Now I don't have the 20k to spend to build this device to prove a concept that already works. But instead was thinking of a way to perhaps downsize this project and build a demonstration working smaller unit instead. You know. One that would run and fit on top of a desk. Run maybe a small DC motor. On a smaller belt. With smaller transformers. From a smaller spark gap. With smaller capacitors etc. Make it so instead of running a GREEDY 500 watt AC inverter. This one would run a 75 watt AC inverter. Just enough to run perhaps a cell phone charger or an LCD light bulb. As the thing runs on its own in front of your eyes. Would make a useless but cool conversation starter for sure!

    Anyhow I'm just putting the idea out that perhaps a much smaller cheaper similar device could be build to prove the concept without costing 20k so that the average hobby folks can build :)

    What do you all think. Is all this stuff too far fetch?
  2. Alec_t


    Jul 7, 2015
    You shouldn't believe everything you see on Utube ;). There are all sorts of spoof videos.
  3. davenn

    davenn Moderator

    Sep 5, 2009
    indeed the words of Scotty from Star Trek

    ye canne break the laws of physics"

    so in that mind ... this thread will be colsed
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