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Minato's electric motors

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by News, Dec 7, 2004.

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  1. News

    News Guest

    Anyone have any info on this?

    "Minato's motors consume just 20 percent or less of the power of
    conventional motors with the same torque and horse power. They run cool to
    the touch and produce almost no acoustic or electrical noise. They are
    significantly safer and cheaper (in terms of power consumed), and they are
    sounder environmentally"

    Also this 1998 ng post on it.

    If this is correct, then, electric vehicles are totally feasible, and using
    the best batteries available they will have the range. Energy crisis's are
    over and heat pumps will be the norm.
  2. News

    News Guest

    Sorry, here is the link:
  3. News

    News Guest

  4. News

    News Guest

  5. /*
    Next we move to a unit with its motor connected to a generator. What
    we see is striking. The meters showed an input to the stator
    electromagnets of approximately 1.8 volts and 150mA input, and from
    the generator, 9.144 volts and 192mA output. 1.8 x 0.15 x 2 = 540mW
    input and 9.144 x 0.192 = 1.755W out.

    Bzzzt. Thank you for playing. Next?
  6. News

    News Guest

    The next is the German motor that requires no "external" energy at all to
    run. I gave the link.

    Do you work for an oil company?
  7. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    No external energy,,, are you involved with the snake oil from Entertec
  8. Not at all. I do, however, live in a universe where the Second Law Of
    Thermodynamics holds true.

    How does it work where you live?
  9. rebel

    rebel Guest

    Now come on laddie get your brain in gear!
    The date is 1998 and Enron is mentioned, well that's the kiss of death.
    So surely if there were anything in this it would be world wide by now.
    There is another site with something similar, a Japanese makes motors for
    sale and has done for a few years that uses a similar ratio of power but all
    his motors are stated to be used in industrial Fans.?
  10. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Did you attend school? Have you ever had a thought when reading a press

    You do a great job of finding the scams and pseudo science links, you
    should keep a website of the stuff as a warning to those less clued in
    than you ......

    Steve Spence
    Dir., Green Trust
  11. News

    News Guest

    I'm just reporting it. I am not saying it does anything.
  12. News

    News Guest

    Nearly the same. You know what? When people said you could produce
    electricity from the suns rays they all laughed and said what a crank.
  13. N9WOS

    N9WOS Guest

    The next is the German motor that requires no "external" energy at all to
    Isn't everyone on the payroll?

    If your not on the payroll, watch out for those black helicopters.
    They will do nasty things to you, if they get you.
  14. News

    News Guest

    They would try to kill it at birth that is true.
    Sounds like the same company.

    Well what is your views on the SA/German motor?
  15. News

    News Guest

    A uni in fact.
    Could be something in them.
    No, others do that, I just look at them
  16. News

    News Guest

    That is true.
    That I do believe.
  17. James Baber

    James Baber Guest

    Jim responded:
    It is not responsible behavior to pass along invalidated,
    and in this case debunked frauds. News it is not, trolling
    at best, and if anyone believes in this con to the point
    that they either invest in it or cause someone else to
    invest in Minato's electric motors, News is perpetuating an
    actionable fraud. (Jail time)

    Jim Baber

    1350 W Mesa Ave.
    Fresno CA, 93711
    (559) 435-9068
    (559) 905-2204 (A no charge Verizon IN cellphone to other
    Verizon IN accounts)
    See our 10kW grid tied solar system at ""
  18. News

    News Guest

    Can you prove it's a fraud, along with the Japanese motor as well? I would
    like to know.
    Can you emphatically prove these two motors are frauds?
  19. Nearly the same? What language do you speak there? What grammar do
    you use? How can "The Second Law Of Thermodynamics" and "280%
    efficiency in a motor-generator" be "Nearly the same"?
  20. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    If you went to a uni, and got more than a liberal arts degree (would you
    like fries with that?), you could prove it's a fraud, instead of passing
    it off as "news" .....

    Steve Spence
    Dir., Green Trust
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