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Microwave ovens

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by bcps, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. bcps

    bcps Guest

    I've been looking for a 12 volt microwave oven. All that I find are in the
    450 to 550 watt range and include an inverter. Odd that they say it runs
    directly on 12 volts - so why do they include an inverter and even in some
    cases, a coffee maker: I don't want an inverter and a coffee maker - I just
    want a microwave that runs on 12 volts and preferrably a couple hundred
    watts higher. Any suggestions?
  2. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown Guest

    have you checked your nearest truck stop / trucker's store?

  3. You

    You Guest

    Have you ever considered the possibility that you lack the understanding
    of the technology your complaining about???? Microwave Ovens use a
    Magnitron Tube to produce the Cooking Power. This tube operates in the
    Microwave Radio S Band. It requires about 2500 Volts of Direct Current
    to operate. Just how do you figure to get that out of a 12 Volt Direct
    Current Battery, without an Inverter????? Hmmmm, Inquiring Minds
    certainly would like to know......
  4. bcps

    bcps Guest

    Um.... build it properly to operate on 12 volts? What does it matter? 12
    volts, 2 volts, 5000 volts... all that counts is the power. I understand
    the magnitron is a high voltage device and it requires a step up transformer
    to function. But a microwave oven that is advertised as a 12 volt unit
    should not require an external inverter - and it certainly doesn't need a 12
    cup coffee maker in the loop.

    The microwave ovens I'm talking about claim to run directly from 12 volts
    and the comments made even talk about the fact that it is less efficient to
    run a 120 vac microwave on an inverter. So why is it mandatory to buy an
    inverter with the microwave?

    By the way, I spent 6 years in the US Navy working on missile systems, the
    last 30 years working with other forms of electronics, and I can make a 1.5
    volt battery release enough power to drop a human. So please try not to
    talk down to me like that any more - it is really annoying and rather
  5. bcps

    bcps Guest

    I have to post at the bottom because there are so many uptight folks who
    don't like top posters.

    No, I haven't checked my nearest truck stop - but that is an excellent
    suggestion! In fact, I got my present inverter from a gas station in
    central florida - with the rebate, it was free!!! Unfortunately, I don't
    travel as much as I use to. My favorite stop was Yeehaw Junction in
    Florida. But I don't drive much anymore and it is not easy to get there on
    a recumbent trike ;-)

    But I will remember to check next time I'm on the road.

    Thanks for reminding me.
  6. Mauried

    Mauried Guest

  7. bcps

    bcps Guest

    My batteries are less than 5 feet away from where I would intend on putting
    the oven. My point was that they claim the oven operates at 12 volts with
    no need for an inverter, but an inverter is included with it in all the
    products I've seen. For example:

    I already have a small 120vac microwave. If there is no such thing as a
    true, stand alone, 12 volt microwave, then I should probably just upgrade my
    inverter and forget about it...
  8. You

    You Guest

    but you DIDN"T answer the question..... Just how do expect to power a
    Magnitron Tube that requires 2500Vdc, when your input is 12Vdc, without
    an Inverter somewhere in the system????? Inquiring minds, still want to
    know. For even a Swabbie, this isn't Rocket Science.....
  9. bcps

    bcps Guest

    Good grief... It would be designed and built into the system without the
    need for an external inverter. And, by the way, it is spelled "magnetron" -
    which I also misspelled, once... and the voltage tends to be a bit higher
    than 2500 volts. I don't need a freaking inverter for a TV that runs on 12
    volts, yet the CRT still demands 15000 + volts.

    My main question was, if the oven claims to be a 12 volt microwave oven, why
    does it have to come with an external inverter? Sounds like extra baggage
    to me - just like the coffee maker. It also sounds like false advertising.
    Kinda like selling an electric car that requires an external gas generator
    to supply the electricity.
  10. bcps

    bcps Guest

    Found one

    but my wallet had a heart attack when it saw the price.

    Guess I'll stick to propane for a while longer.
    Hehe, like in Back to the Future.... the time machine is electric, but it
    requires nuclear fuel.
  11. Larry Klein

    Larry Klein Guest

    bcps wrote:

    Only 600 "RATED" watts.
    Hardly worth it.
    Nothing like a cheap charcoal grill and a few moistened bags of cherry
    wood for authentic smoke flavor.
  12. T. Keating

    T. Keating Guest

    Get yourself one of the Panasonic inverter models.. ~100$
    They'll efficiently run on MSW output(*) and can vary power
    consumption proportionally to setting..

    My.. Pana runs from 1850 watts consumption(max pwr S10) down to
    430watts(S3).. Settings S2 and S1 vary the on/off duty cycle @430

    (*) Front end power supply on inverter models convert AC back into
    HVDC via diode bridge and capacitors, essentially it's a switching
    power supply and remains unaffected by the poorly approximated AC
    waveform output many transformer based MSW inverters(tripplite, ??).
    (Ground really needs to be connected to neutral to run a Microwave
  13. Rex Handly

    Rex Handly Guest

    Samsung make a true 12v and 24v microwave 550w (from memory)
  14. Larry Klein

    Larry Klein Guest

    All well and possibly true, but top posting is still the sign of an idiot.
  15. Randy

    Randy Guest

    That is what I did only I upgraded everything.
    4 Wal-Mart RV deep cycle batteries (the largest they had) in series/
    parallel arrangement, Outback FX2524 inverter and two Photowatt 80 Watt
    Its a darn expensive way to warm up a cup of coffee but it works great.
  16. bcps

    bcps Guest

    Please tell me you are doing something else with that setup other than
    warming a cup of coffee.
  17. Randy

    Randy Guest

    It is amazing the silly things we do with this stuff.
    Watch a DVD on the Big screen, power up a cool display on the lava lamp but
    most generally run the washing machine, fans, the George Foreman grill,
    light a few lights here and there and a occasional run of the skill
    I am a little short on panels to do much refrigeration but it's all about
    how you want to use your power. I do have two more 80 watts coming, more
    My Cell phones and other 12 volt lights are on my older 60 watt 12 volt
    system which dose quite well. It can run a 750 watt MSW inverter to run a
    small inefficient bar fridge for about 4 hours in a pinch (in case of a soda
    pop emergency)
    Sorry if I sound a bit nutty but this is a fun hobby for me since I also
    have the seperated grid :)
    If only I had the money for panels to run the cenral air.
    Have a good day!
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