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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by bostonflunkie, Jul 17, 2003.

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  1. How do you trouble shoot a microprocessor? As far as I can tell, you
    can not, if there is really something wrong with it. I mean you can
    rule out if all the devices that are talking with uP are working, or
    you can reprogram it if the codes are messed up
    Please answer. Thanks.
  2. eddumokweer

    eddumokweer Guest

    You can check the basic's, so are all voltages around the microprocessor ok
    (5 Volt), is the resetline ok (high or low active), does the oscillator
    If the microprocessor send for example i2c signals, is the clocksignal
    working and the data.
    You can also check if outputs are at logic level and look at inputs if the
    reach the microprocessor

    Greetings Peter
  3. How do you trouble shoot a microprocessor?
    I have a logic analyser. I can check and log all digital data. Just
    compare it with the datasheet, and you can easily find the problem.
    There can be anything wrong around the analyser, but the older parts
    are easy to measure with an analyser. When programmable parts like
    PLD's are used, it gets more difficult as you do not know what they
    should do.

    Kind regards,

    Pieter Hoeben
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