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Microprocessor trainer for very intelligent youth

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by No email please!, May 30, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I am curious which one you went with. I am considering EMAC's as it
    seems to be the most advanced for the cost as it is only slightly more
    expensive then Elenco's if you assemble it yourself.


  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Ahh, must be from Google. A reply to a thread six months dead and with
    a broken References line. Yup, Google indeed.


    Our informal corporate motto is "Don't be evil."

    Which is slightly out of date. I'm guessing that the current motto is
    "Maximize shareholder return."

    It certainly isn't "Respect the wishes of the usenet community."
  3. I've just realized what I'm going to do with messages posted via
    google that are replies to old messages.

    One thing they've added to the new interface is a "report abuse"
    link. In keeping with there lack of distinction between "google
    groups" and Usenet, most of the check boxes are about their
    "google groups" but there is an "other" box. So I figure I'll
    fill out one of those forms each time I see a reply to a message
    older than a month (which was google's previous limits on replies),
    especially when the poster doesn't bother to even quote the message
    they are replying to.

    If they get enough of such abuse messages (and I realize it's not quite
    abuse to reply to an old message, but I'd say google is abusing Usenet
    by the lack of a time limit for replies, and their blending of their
    groups with Usenet), perhaps they will realize it is an error.

    They've already messed up the historic archives (which they boasted
    about when they added them back in 2001, and highlight some key posts
    on a timeline) with this, since the equivalent of graffiti artists
    have posted replies to some of the messages that google themselves
    have listed as historic.

  4. Guest

    I use google because it's easy and everywhere I go. I've used Usenet
    since the 80's. I do not understand why you feel it is wrong to reply
    to an old topic. I genuinely wanted to know the answer and the author
    said no e-mail.

    It seems some people rather spend their time complaining then actually
    communicating, which is what this for right? I can't think of any
    better use than what I did, so I am lost why you feel this way.
  5. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    It's not "wrong" but posting via the new and "improved" Google Groups as
    you did does not preserve any link to the earlier posts in the thread
    except for the subject line. The un-named original poster may not even
    remember that the quoted lines were his. Also, none of the other replies
    will be threaded with your question by most usenet clients that use the
    References line to thread postings, so the other earlier opinions on the
    boards will be missing.
    The feelings of ill-will are directed at Google, who seem to have
    decided to appropriate the usenet as if it was a part of their "google
  6. Guest

    OK, I understand now. Yeah the new beta has some quirks I've noticed
    too. It was really easy to see any topic I posted in, now it doesnt
    work right. Some of the new features are cool, but wasn't aware of
    this problem. Hope they get it right.

    It IS beta afterall though. :) I tried it ONCE and now whenever I go
    to just it uses the beta anyway. Cookies make no
    difference. Oh well.


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