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Microprocessor Newbie

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Suraj, Nov 20, 2003.

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  1. Suraj

    Suraj Guest

    Hi, I want to start working on microprocessors and microcontrollers and do
    some basic projects.

    In terms of electronics experience and education, I have worked on
    electronics and have done some PC based interface projects (such as MIDI
    converter for my keyboard, Joystick and Paralell port circuits etc.). I
    understand basic assembly also.

    I understand basic digital concepts through my undergraduate course, but
    have NO hands on experience building embedded projects. Now I want to start
    with something basic and I have some apllications in My mind (Such as
    transmitting modulated data over RF etc.)

    Where do I start? Which Microprocessor or Microcontroller should I start
    with? PIC? 8085?
    Will I need to absolutely buy a microprocessor trainer Kit? or can I program
    by interfacing to my PC?

    I live in India where availaibilty and cost are bit of a problem.

    Please Advise,
    Many Thanks
  2. Anand Dhuru

    Anand Dhuru Guest

    Hi Suraj,
    This is very subjective, and a matter of personal choice, but I would
    certainly suggest the Microchip PIC to start of with; in fact the
    range is so wide in terms of features, you might not require any other
    vendor's controller.

    I would suggest that you start with the PIC 16F628.
    Not at all; that the beauty; you can build your own simple programmer
    from a wide choice available on the internet; ditto about the
    availability of programming software.

    For tools, Microchip has a host thats available free. Besides, after
    you're more familiar with the stuff, you could then go in for a
    commercial compiler (some of these are available as free demos as

    No problem; they have distributors / dealers at least in Mumbai and
    B'lore. The folks in Mumbai, I can confirm, dont insist on a minimum
    order quantity and also courier orders. Prices are the same as what
    they are abroad, or in fact perhaps a little cheaper.

    Hope this helps you decide.


    Anand Dhuru
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