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MicroMaster MM-8000 microprocessor trainer - bad ROM chip

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by mike_94502, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. mike_94502

    mike_94502 Guest

    My Elenco MM-8000 microprocessor kit came with a bad ROM chip. After
    pulling my hair out for many hours I finally went to an electronics
    supply store an purchased a $3 ROM replacement chip, which worked

    I'm posting this because others learning digital electronics with this
    kit may be affected. The odds of getting a bad chip should be very
    low which leads me to suspect Elenco has a bad batch of ROM chips in
    their kit. I would hate to see someone give up on their project, like
    I almost did, when the problem is really the chip.

    The ROM chip is a 24 pin EEPROM. You can replace it with a similar
    E2PROM with a part number containing 2816 or some variation. It
    should cost $3 to $10.

    Overall I like the kit, am learning quite a bit. I guess lesson
    number 6.1 in this kit is don't trust anything and don't give up.
  2. Nickolaus

    Nickolaus Guest

    Is it necessary to use anti-static precautions such as
    a wrist strap, anti-static pad, and special soldering iron
    when building the MM-8000? Or are such precautions
    unnecessary in this case? Thank you. Nickolaus
  3. -------------------
    Not really, these tools merely enable one to stop thinking.

    To do without them:
    1) Solder in everything else.

    It is safer to use a grounded iron to solder in glue-chips
    logic, if you do solder them, but it is quite likely to work
    fine anyway.

    2) Solder in sockets, then when all soldering is done, ground
    yourself to the device ground, and then without moving, ground
    yourself to the static foam of the processor and EPROM and then
    remove them from the foam and carefully plug them in, making
    certain all pins go in properly. With your body at the same
    relative potential as the ground and the foam or antistat
    container they come in, they are safe.

  4. Nickolaus

    Nickolaus Guest

    Thank you Steve. Nickolaus
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