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Microchips Maestro Modules

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Conrad, Robert, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. Has anybody been able to compile Maestro's UART/SPI modules? I have been
    working on them nonstop for the last few days and have yet to get it to
    compile properly. I get an error relating to SPBRG being too low. The only
    thing I could do to get this to stop is to just comment out the check. Then
    the damn thing kept giving me errors like:

    Error - section 'UARTTstRAM' can not fit the absolute section. Section
    'UARTTstRAM' start=0x000000ff, length=0x00000002

    All of this is with the stock example file that they provided with the

    Anybody been able to get these things working? and if so, what did you do?
    The Microchip documentation is seriously lacking.
  2. Subscribe to the PIClist mail list and you'll
    probably get better answers.

  3. Martin Warby

    Martin Warby Guest

    if this is the C18 compiler you need look in the users gide under the
    #pragmas for information on memory banking.from meomory it was somthing

    #pragma bank1 udata

    but good be wrong

    if you can't find anything and ae using the C1 compiler email me and I'll
    dig out some programs that i used memory banking

    Martin Warby
  4. I can't use that site, the search doesn't seem to work at all and nowhere do
    they talk about Maestro code modules. I can't register for the list because
    I get an error every time I try to subscribe to the list and when I try to
    use google to search through there site (because the onsite search is
    broken) I get errors when attempting to go to the links that google finds.

    Is there any other PIC oriented sites that can offer help out there?
  5. I am just using the assembly modules.. Problem is that they seem to be HUGE.
    When I try to assemble they take up more space than any of the PIC's I own
    seem to have on them. I didn't think it would take nearly that much space
    just to do UART control. I tried to trim out all the PIC18 crap I didn't
    need (its all defined/ifdefed in so that didn't help at all), I cut down the
    buffer sizes and everything like that but no matter what I do the module is
    always to big for the PIC... Is there a method to removing the bloat in the
    UART module? (And how the hell is it compatible with a PIC16F2xx if it
    doesn't work on a PIC16f74?)

    This is getting really frustrating.
  6. Martin Warby

    Martin Warby Guest

    I've got the code now it's in C but it may belp you

    //define variables
    #pragma udata page1

    unsigned char counter0;
    unsigned char counter1;
    unsigned char counter2;
    unsigned char counter3;
    unsigned char counter4;
    unsigned char counter5;
    unsigned char counter6;
    unsigned char counter7;
    unsigned char current_byte;
    #pragma udata page2
    unsigned char samples_to_send[160]; //tempory storge of samples to be sent
    #pragma udata page3
    unsigned char data_to_compress[200]; //the output of program to either compress or send

    hope this helps

    Martin Warby
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