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Michael Covington Public Data

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Silvio Manuel, Jun 25, 2004.

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    Michael A Covington
    285 Saint George Drive
    Athens, Georgia 30606
    Home phone: (706) 549-4633
  2. Very Funny Mr Troll.

    PS: Michael, apparently I irritate the troll because
    I call his bluff,..... all the time. He's a piece of chicken crap
  3. See what I mean Mr. troooool. Your crap in the panties of life.

    Feel free to spend alot of time reading my posts,.............its all you'll have
    do for the rest of your miserable life.
  4. Yes, I know, I'm in the phone book. Why are you posting this?
  5. followup set to alt.morons
  6. I was disappointed when the dickweed posted my info. Nobody called.

  7. Which reminds me that I haven't seen any posts from Mike lately. What's

  8. Oops, my error, wrong Mike. I meant Mike Terrell.
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