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mho conductance

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by cornytheclown, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. When is the unit of the mho used in practical applications ??? I know
    what a mho is but I have never seen any real world references to it
    being used in electronics.

    I recently saw some sort of tester at a flea market that had an
    indicator light and a rotary switch which had different ranges for
    different ranges of mhos. The device had an inch diameter inch deep
    "socket" with two round contacts in the bottom. The owner/seller could
    offer no explanation....I would have bought it and took it apart but
    never got back to that particular table .
  2. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    I forget what all uses it has, but 2 come to mind.

    1. the transconductance of a transistor.

    2. When a circuit is convieniently drawn/analysed as a collection of
    components in parallel (like a parallel equivalent circuit or one
    that really is that way) it's easier to add admittances rather than
    calculating parallel impedances. Admittance is real conductance in
    parallel with imaginary (reactive) susceptance. So you add the
    parallel conductances and invert to get equiv series resistance...
    stuff like that.
  3. Barney

    Barney Guest

    It was the unit of conductance (in my day - which a little while ago!), and
    I think it is now called a 'Siemens'.
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