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MetaL Halide Lamps

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by soxlamp180w, Feb 20, 2004.

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  1. soxlamp180w

    soxlamp180w Guest

    Hi All

    I have been investigating Metal Halide Lamps and unlike LPS, HPS and Mercury
    Lamps they seem to be different

    Som Lamp Manufacturers mak them for use on a standard Mercury ballast in
    conjunction witha 750 volt ignitor also there are lamps which uses a Mercury
    ballast in conjunction witha 5000 volt ignitor ther ore some which operate
    on HPS ballasts and 5000v ignitors or Metal Halide ballasts and 5000v
    ignitors and ther a CWA Constant Wattage Autoleak Ballasts with NO ignitors

    So confusing what wold happen if say accidently use a Mercury type Metal
    Halide on HPS Gear or a CWA lamp on Mercury or HPS gear, I have heard that
    these lamps can Explode if missused.

    So far I have a Venture Parmar Catalogue and there are say for a 250w MH
    lamp about 10 different designs

    So Confusing

  2. Yes, there are a lot of different lamp types, but choosing a ballast
    is not that confusing. The lamp box or the catalog has a ANSI ballast
    designator. Use the lamp ONLY on the recommended ballast type. Metal
    Halide lamps can and do explode, and will likely explode if used on a
    ballast that provides substantially more current than the lamp is
    rated for.

    Also, unless the lamp is rated for use in open fixtures, make sure the
    lamp is used in a fixture that can contain hot flying glass and quartz
    particles. And, many metal halide lamps are designed (and designated)
    for base-up, or base-down, or either base-up or base down. Do NOT
    operate these lamps in orientations other than the recommended
    orientation, as that will increase the possibility that the arc tube
    will explode.
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