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Merlin Gerin YSF6 Circuit Breakers

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by BIGEYE, Jun 28, 2006.

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    BIGEYE Guest

    We have a bank of Merlin Gerin YSF6 circuit breakers, two incomers eight
    feeders separated by a bus section switch.
    The two incomers feed onto the busbars and the feeders take the supply from
    the busbars and supply to the outgoing circuits.
    The drawing for the layout shows the Incomers VT's on the incoming 'live'
    side of the breaker before the busbars.
    The drawing does not show VY's on the outgoing feeders. As the circuit
    breakers are identical, would the VT's on the outgoing feeders be after the
    busbars and circuit breakers?
  2. Hello

    You do not say what voltage level you are talking about, but if you are
    talking about "Distribution Voltages", the feeder VTs will be next to the
    outgoing cable connections.

    However if they are not shown on the diagram do they actually exist ? In the
    UK it would be fairly unusual to have VTs on the outgoing circuits unless
    there was tariff metering involved.

    John Rye

    BIGEYE Guest

    Distribution voltage is 11 kV, the switchgear has VT cubicles at the back of
    the switchgear.
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