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Medium power audio amp chips?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Ken Finney, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. Ken Finney

    Ken Finney Guest

    Anyone have recommendations for "newer" audio amplifier chips, something
    like the LM383 that National discontinued some years back? Something like 7
    Watts, either mono or stereo is what I need.
  2. If this is just for single-shot, grab a car radio lying around (or buy
    one at a garage sale for a few dollars) and extract the audio amp from

  3. Ken Finney

    Ken Finney Guest

    Unfortunately, it is a low volume production and/or a magazine article.
  4. Ken Finney

    Ken Finney Guest

    I had a person suggest the LM4752. Exactly what I was looking for,
    can't believe I didn't find it on my own. I guess I shouldn't search
    for parts late at night.
  5. A guy I know had a low power amp - under ten watts - that he wanted to
    repair and I found after looking online that the company no longer made
    the chip - sorry. So it's highly advisable to check the datasheet for
    the device you're going to use to make sure it's currently in
    production. And hopefully will stay in production.

    Or else, just build it out of discrete parts. Amps are simple, and if
    the amp dies, you can fix it with commonly available parts. If you use
    a single amp chip, you're tied to that chip for the future. The way
    some manufacturers have addressed this "problem" has been to make the
    amplifier circuit into a module, with a standard pinout to connect to
    the 'box' it's in. If the amp chip goes obsolete, just discard the
    module and put another newer module in, with a newer chip in it. Or a
    module with discretes on it. ;-)

    Or else, just make the whole amp box disposable. :-O
  6. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    TDA2611A is mono and 5W and extremely popular in consumer

    LM384 is 5W too.

    NatSemi has a pretty good chart if you go to their website
    ( and look up their "Boomer" (<3W) and
    "Overture" (>3W) selection charts.

    Some of the newest parts are surface mount only.

    If you only have, say, 5V supply and need more than 5W out of an
    8 ohm speaker then there are some specialized audio PA chips
    that have a small switching power supply on them.

  7. Ken Finney

    Ken Finney Guest

    Despite all the election nonsense here, I'm amazed about the
    signal to noise ratio on this newsgroup! Thanks.
  8. Or, as the case whenever there is limited voltage available, use
    a bridged amplifier. Easy to find in car radios, as I pointed out.

  9. Jim Weir

    Jim Weir Guest

    Ya know, I've had that problem with every chip I've designed in since the
    venerable uA706 from Fairchild back in the early '70s. They all go obsolete
    about ten minutes after you sign off on the design.

    I've finally settled on a cookbook PNP-NPN comp-symm output stage with a cheap
    low power NPN splitter and an NPN driver in a single LM324 opamp stage providing
    gain. Much less cost than a chip (under a buck), damn near drives to the
    rail(s) and will never be obsoleted in my lifetime.

    I'll send along a pdf if you


    "Ken Finney" <>
    shared these priceless pearls of wisdom:

    ->Anyone have recommendations for "newer" audio amplifier chips, something
    ->like the LM383 that National discontinued some years back? Something like 7
    ->Watts, either mono or stereo is what I need.
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