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Meaning of MR ?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Victor Roberts, Jun 13, 2004.

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  1. I am looking for the meaning of "MR" as in MR16. Candidates so far

    Miniature reflector
    Multi-reflector or
    Multi-faceted reflector

    All votes/opinions are welcome.
  2. R.Lewis

    R.Lewis Guest

    Metallised (as opposed to dichroic, or none) Reflector

    is what I was told as a lad.

    But then again I was told all sorts of .....
  3. Thanks. Both you and Mr. Lewis have said "metalized" but PAR lamps
    also use a metalized reflector and many MR16 lamps use a dichroic
  4. TKM

    TKM Guest

    Hmmm. Maybe "multi-mirror reflector". I seem to recall that term being

    Terry McGowan
  5. Thanks Terry. That is the term suggested by the editor of a document I
    am updating, but I had not heard the term used before. The IESNA
    Handbook has a definition for PAR but none for MR.
  6. FWIW (For What It's Worth)

    I was taught "Multi-faceted Reflector"

    Jeff Waymouth
  7. Metallised reflector followed by the diameter in eighths of an inch.

    Like PAR stands for Parabolic aluminised reflector also with diameter in
    eighths of an inch.
  8. Actually, though, there are two schools on what PAR means. One is
    "parabollic aluminized reflector" as you suggest, Clive.
    But, in truth, the reflector is not a true parabola. The other
    definition is "pressed aluminized reflector" since the glass is softened
    and "pressed" into a mold to form the shape.

    Jeff Waymouth
  9. IES Handbook 9th edition. Multifaceted pressed glass reflector lamp.

    Bob Maute
  10. Interesting. Before I posted my original note I looked in the Glossary
    of the IESNA Handbook, 9th Edition and found a definition for PAR but
    not for MR. After I read your post I did find the definition for MR,
    as you posted it, in the text on incandescent reflector lamps.

  11. IES Handbook 9th edition. Multifaceted pressed glass reflector lamp.
    Is there consensus on who "invented" the MR lamp? GE Lighting has
    a timeline stating that in 1975, the "Multi Mirror (MR) bulb
    introduced" - but that doesn't mean it was first introduced by
    GE. But could it be that "Multi-mirror" got transmogrified into
    "multi-faceted" over time (sounds more "technical" and "scientific")?

  12. Good question John. I just wish I knew the answer :)
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