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MCM6290 datasheet

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Brian Lyons, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. Brian Lyons

    Brian Lyons Guest

    I need data sheet for Motorola 16K*4 static RAM chip

    part number is MCM6290

    I have pin out, but need more details. Google search unsuccessful for


  2. Brian Lyons

    Brian Lyons Guest

    Thanks, but the link takes me to a 44 pin PLCC 4K*10 bit RAM and is
    synchronous with external clock (K)

    MCM6290 is 24 pin DIP 16K*4 bit RAM and does not use external

    The MCM6290 is a 1990-1992 era chip, now considered obsolete.

    A couple of weeks ago, It seemed like a good idea to use these spare
    parts from my junk box, for video memory in a CRT controller that I am
    building. Now, I not quite so sure.

    Thanks anyway,

  3. I have it, but I have no way to mail it to you... oh well...
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