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maximum practical current flow from a battery

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by ted, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. ted

    ted Guest

    In the interests of minimizing weight, I'd like to use a coin battery
    in my project. Unfortunately, my project is going to need about 2mA,
    and I see from the data sheet of the Energizer CR2032 that its
    "continuous background drain" is a mere 0.19mA. However, it also says
    that 6.8mA are possible as a "pulse drain", and if I read this
    correctly, a "pulse" is a period of two seconds. As these things go,
    what can I expect from such a battery if I draw my 2mA for a period
    of, say, ten seconds? Would I be pushing the envelope there, or not
  2. As long as your pulse is smaller in magnitude than the one
    specified, I think it is safe to extend the time and lower
    the current, as long as the current, time product is not
    larger than the specified pulse rating.

    Since the specified pulse rating is 6.8 mA times 2 seconds,
    for a product of 13.6 milliamp seconds, you should be safe
    pulling 2 mA for 13.8/2= 6.8 seconds. However, as the
    current approaches .19 mA, that time extends to the life of
    the cell. I also suspect that this surge rating includes
    lots of rest, so that the average current stays well below
    the .19 mA continuous rating. In your case, that means that
    for every 2 second pulse, there is a lot more than 20
    seconds rest time before the next pulse, to let the
    chemistry catch up.

    In the final analysis, you should run a load test on a few
    cells with your load and see in the voltage remains useful
    for a significant part of the cell's life.
  3. neon


    Oct 21, 2006
    power is size as far as battery goes some battery are more efficient for pulses some are good for continiuos source. you cannot get blood out of a stone
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