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Maximum Draw on a Household Circuit?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Marc Miller, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. Marc Miller

    Marc Miller Guest

    I'm no electrician so I thought I post a question. What's the maximum draw
    that can be connected to a standard household circuit? I have a 200amp
    panel and just installed a circuit with numerous outlets and a fluorescent
    light fixture on a 15amp breaker with 12/2 Romex. I put two duplex outlets
    together so I would have four connections in the basement, and then the wire
    was run to the garage to power the light as well as one duplex outlet. Just
    curious as I don't want to get in trouble. Thanks...
  2. keith

    keith Guest

    Define "standard". In the US, few 120V outlets are rated for more than
    15A, though many circuits are rated for 20A. Circuits are rated by
    (and protected for) their wire size.
    Why 15A?
    What's the total draw? If it's less than 15A, you should be fine. THough
    I'd have run a seperate feed to the garage.
  3. First of all, you could use a 20a breaker with 12/2.

    120VAC 20 amp circuit per 500ft/^2 (Ref Table 220-3-b 1996 NEC) (Sorry. I
    don't have a current code book handy to give you a ref # from.)

    120Vx .80 = 16 amps; 16a/1.5a per light/outlet allows you 10 devices max.
  4. PCK

    PCK Guest

    really here any 20 amp circuit would require t-slot receptacles
    and they allow 12 devices (100 watt per device loaded to 80 %)
    on a 15 amp circuit. unless the load is fixed and then no limit to number
    of devices so long as 80%. don`t ask about electric heat as now they
    allow 100% circuit loading on fixed electric heat.
  5. Al

    Al Guest

    Wall socket outlets are rated at 7.5 amps each for a total of 15 amps
    per wall outlet. At least that is what the imprint on some of mine says.

  6. Bud

    Bud Guest

    Far as I know the UL standard for a 15A duplex receptacle is 15A per
    half and 20A total (if they are on a 20A circcuit). They are tested at
    150% of rating.

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