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Maxim/Dallas DS80C400 or Freescale MC9S12NE64

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sylvain Munaut, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Hi,

    Any one has experience with any of theses ?
    [Maxim/Dallas DS80C400] or [Freescale MC9S12NE64]

    They are both small uC with integrated ethernet.

    The pro/con I see:

    [Maxim/Dallas DS80C400]
    - Powerfull ROM embedded that has full TCP/IP stack
    - Can TFTP boot from network (so No need of programmation tool)

    - Need external ethernet PHY
    - Need external SRAM (to download program)
    - (so take up more space ...)
    - Runs at 75Mhz max but has 4clock/machine cycles.

    [Freescale MC9S12NE64]
    - Runs at 25Mhz but 1clock/machine cycles (not sure but it seems)
    - Has integrated ethernet PHY
    - No need of SRAM if the application don't require it ...

    - Flash based with no firmware, so need special programmation tools
    - The TCP/IP stack seems weird.

    The application is a small smart card terminal with really low ethernet traffic and
    pretty simple behavior.

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