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Matching NiMh batteries

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Gordon Levi, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. Gordon Levi

    Gordon Levi Guest

    I was given, with a bit of prompting (!), a clever NiMh battery
    charger If you want hours, even
    days, of entertainment from a battery charger this is for you. On the
    other hand, the user interface is not intuitive and I had to read the
    FAQ to discover that it defaulted to charging the battery and keeping
    it charged.

    The measurements that the charger has provided have prompted a couple
    of questions. How close would you expect the capacity of a "pair" of
    batteries to be? When would you decide that a battery that is below
    it's minimum rated capacity should be discarded? I realise that the
    latter question depends on the mah that I can tolerate so I suppose I
    am asking if a battery that has deteriorated will then deteriorate
    rapidly or if I should keep it until I can't tolerate its life.
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