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Marconi TF2370 noise problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dave Bullock, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Dave Bullock

    Dave Bullock Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone have any experience in troubleshooting the Marconi TF2370
    spectrum analyser.
    My unit seems to be nearly working once warmed up, but is suffering with
    continuous bursts of noise 'splatter' that come and go.
    If I connect the standard 10MHz output to the analyser's input and turn the
    unit on, there is just a reasonably quiet noise floor. After a minute or so
    the noise floor begins to increase and large bursts of 'splatter' begin to
    pass through the display. After a further few minutes the 10MHz peak appears
    (as it should) but is almost buried in a lower half display full of noise.
    Again large bursts of noise abound almost filling the screen. If I put the
    display on 'PEAK' then it fills up completely within seconds.
    Just occasionally this 'elephant grass' dissappears and the unit looks to be
    working normally, but never long enough to evaluate.
    I have just aquired the machine and so have no experience of it working
    I realise there are many mixers etc in there but could do with some pointers
    like non destructive points where to disconnect the chain to isolate the
    noisy module.
    Thanks in anticipation.....
  2. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    I repaired one once , details on my file
    I seem to remember you need to make up a board extender to work on it
    it is a large repair manual probably about 300 pages
    email addy on URL below

    Check/re-solder/bridge all vias would be my suggestion
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