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Marantz CD500

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Chris Bartram, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. My Marantz CD5000 refuses to open it's tray- there's no disc in. It says
    'OPEN' when you push the button, but nothing happens. For a while it's
    been reclosing the tray after you open it, intermittently, but otherwsie
    works fine.

    I'm trying to get the transport mechanism out to investigate, but the
    tray doesn't fit through through the bezel- it has an extension peice
    bigger than the hole.

    Does anyone know how this comes off (does it come off?), or have any
    ideas what might be wrong?


  2. I've just noticed my typo- it's a CD5000. Sorry.
  3. Thanks Roger. I'm expecting a simple mecahnical fault, but can't get it
    apart at the moment :-(.
  4. Well, I got it apart with a little force. The extension piece unclips
    when the tray is open. I think the tray mecahnism is worn- it works and
    than gets jammed sometimes. I think it will need a new mechanism. Does
    anyone have a source? I will JFGI, of course.

  5. Usually there is a removable lip at the front of the tray. One has to get
    the tray extended out a little, then look underneath the front edge. A small
    screwdriver may be necessary to pry the plastic far enough forward to get
    past the keepers. Normally you can just loosen it by hand. Older models
    often secured the lip with a couple screws. This is generic advice only - I
    haven't seen yours.
    There is often a slit or opening of some sort underneath which allows a gear
    to be manually rotated to start unloading the tray. Once the tray starts
    moving past it's "locked" position, you can just pull it out farther.
    Some Marantz models are "special" and require more extreme disassembly just
    for access.

    Mark Z.
  6. I've fixed it!.

    I found a tiny bit of plastic had broken off the drawer. It was sitting
    in the track of the gearwheel that drives the drawer- pic here:

    It looked like it snapped off underside of the drawer.

    I have no idea what it did as everthing works fine without it. Before
    removing it the drawer would physically jam solid.

    I'm hugely pleased. It's a good player and it matches the amp physically.
    Yep. Took me 3 or 4 goes to get right.
    The transport is used in lots of Philips & Marantz products as well as
    variuos custom players it seems.

    Thanks everyone for help and suggestions.
  7. I'm happy to hear that. What I am wondering is that unless it really a
    good player, is how well will a 10 quid DVD player do in its stead?

    My experience 12 years ago buying a CD player was that even the cheap Sony's
    were "cheap" and did not sound "good". I ended up buying a Sherwood (made
    in the UK, not Korea) because it matched the amp I was buying AND it was
    the best sounding one.

    I literally listend to over a dozen different players that day and the Sony
    stood out as the worst and the Sherwood as the best.

    Now that the DAC (digital to analog converter) chips have improved and gotten
    cheaper, are they better than the usual ones in the older units?

    We rarely play CDs these days, most have been converted to MP3s and are
    played by a computer set up as a networked video/mp3 player. Once in a while
    my wife takes one off the shelf that no one wanted to listen to, and I never
    converted it.

  8. Well, I tried that. I'd got a new CD in the post, and wanted to listen
    to it, so I dragged out the cheap & nasty DVD player from upstairs.

    It sounded *awful*. Shudderingly awful. Like a low bitrate MP3 with
    muddy treble and no presence at all. Now, I don't have top-of-the tree
    stuff: a budget Marantz amp, the CD5000, some Gale budget speakers, and
    some OK cables, but the difference was stunning.

    Still, at least it motivated me to fix the Marantz.
  9. Thanks, the only one we have is connected to a TV set with built in small
    speakers. I was wondering how they would sound.

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