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marantz 2250 dubbing jacks

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by 60's tech, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. 60's tech

    60's tech Guest

    My Marantz 2250 has dubbing in/out jacks on front - I waqnt to record
    to cd from this
    unit and there is decent level at the dubbing out - anyone know if this
    is same impedence-wise
    as line-out type jacks ? or if there would be any other issues at this
    jacks (this unit does
    have pre-out/lmain-in jacks on back but they seem to be non-functional
    and I don't see any
    couple/decouple switch anywhere as was mentioned in another post - I
    could probably go
    in and reactivate these jacks but I am old now and getting lazy)
  2. Guest

    Been a LONG time since I saw one of those. Looking at

    it seems to me the dubbing jacks are for cross-connecting the 2 tape
    decks for copying tapes. If you're doing FM or LP's, I would use one of
    the tape record jacks. Marantz typically ran consumer levels similar to
    other manufacturers. This was usually in the range of -6 dB with source
    impedance fairly low around 1-10K.

    The pre-out/main ins are usually immediately before the power amp so
    volume/balance and tone controls would be active. Getting consistent
    levels there would be a pain - especially when the phone rings and you
    can't turn it down without trashing the recording.

    Only thing to be aware of is, if you're using a computer sound card
    analog input (not a standalone CD recorder), the level controls in the
    computer 'control panel' are often after the first amplifier which has
    very limited input range meaning its pretty easy to overload. Simple
    cure would be to run the computer nearly full volume and have a passive
    control before the computer.

    Good luck and have fun.
  3. dmac

    dmac Guest

    GG-Thanks for the tape jacks idea - I haven't used the tape deck since
    CD's -
    forgot all about recording fm/lps from them - appreciate the response

    60's tech
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