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Many ground pins on the IC

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ant_Magma, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. Ant_Magma

    Ant_Magma Guest

    Hi guys, my transceiver IC have multiple Vcc and GND pins.

    Do i have to route all my Vcc to all the Vcc pins and all my GND pins
    to ground?

    Or are they already internally connected and the extra pins are just to
    ease routing?
  2. Ant_Magma

    Ant_Magma Guest

    One of my concern is that if i connect all the GND pins together,
    connect them to my ground traces. If the pins are connected internally,
    i would have a loop which is undesirable.
  3. Ban

    Ban Guest

    You usually need a ground_plane for these kind of ICs. and to decouple each
    Vcc pin with a 10-100n ceramic cap as close as possible. All pins have to be
    connected. You do not know what gnd-loops are.
  4. Bob

    Bob Guest

    The internal Vcc and GND pins may or may not be internally connected. The
    real point, however, is that you need the lowest impedance path possible,
    from the supplies, into the IC. Connecting only a few pins will not meet
    this requirement, and "ground bounce" and "supply bounce" will not be
    minimized (look up these terms to learn more).

    As another poster pointed out, it's extremely important, in order to
    minimize these bounces, to add good quality ceramic capacitors very close to
    these Vcc/GND pads. We usually put 0.01uF caps at the pads.

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