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manufacturers of dc/dc converter modules?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by M. Noone, May 5, 2006.

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  1. M. Noone

    M. Noone Guest

    Hi - I was wondering - are there some 'better' brands when it comes to
    DC/DC switcher modules? I'm looking for a pre-built plug in sort of
    module, not a controller chip for such a module. I need a module that
    can do about 500ma or so with an 11.1V input. I had been using TI
    PTH08080W modules (, which are
    2A adjustable vout modules, but I'm going through a board redesign and
    thought I'd look for something better. As per the TI datasheet
    reccomendation, I've been using 330uf electrolytics in Panasonic G
    packages on both Vin and Vout on these modules. This whole assembly
    (PTH08080W + 2 capacitors) takes up about 4.25 cm^2. Real estate on
    this board is a very big deal, so smaller = much better.

    I couldn't find any TI modules that looked any better, so I looked at
    some C&D modules. Specifically, their 7805SR modules
    ( look perfect. They
    can output 500ma, boast 95% efficiency (though from the datasheet it
    looks like I'll be more in hte 85-90% region), and take up just a bit
    more space than a vertically mounted TO-220. They also say they don't
    need external components. Looking at the datasheet again, the transient
    response isn't as good as I'd like, but I should never have any
    changing loads like that - My load should be constant within +- 5% or
    so I think.

    So - does this module look like an improvement? What kind of filtering
    on the input and output do I need? It will be powering a number of
    digital chips, one ARM micrcontroller, as well as a number of 8 bit
    microcontrollers, among many others. Any other modules/brands I should
    be looking at?



    PS sorry if this gets posted twice - google groups is being buggy as
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