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MAN6940 LED font for your 7-segment display documents

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by William at MyBlueRoom, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. I could never find a 7-segment LED font for my documentation (most look
    like LCD fonts and the dp wasn't available). So I created a font called
    MyBlueRoom.ttf and you can download it for free from
    (Currently it can be found in the Updates / March section)

    The font was designed around a MAN6940 seven segment LED display and
    has a few special features.
    The zone LEDs ^&*()+ that flank the MAN6940 display I used in Cricket.
    An outline % and a typeover outline @ you can use to display unlit &
    lit segments.
    Plus two decimal points . (period) and an inverted dp : (colon).

    Example a digital clock display with full colons (an upside down
    MAN6940 for digits 3 & 4) you would type 12.3:4 would display 12:34

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