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making rf modulator?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by b, Nov 9, 2003.

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  1. b

    b Guest

    is there any way to use the rf modulator from an old NES system to use
    on a DVD system? we have a coax on the tv and i can run it throught my
    VCR but when i do, the anti record stuff kicks in and the DVD fades in
    and out. I just need to know how to wire the one from a NES system so it
    will take the 3 wire (R/L/Video) from the DVD.
    any help??
  2. Luhan Monat

    Luhan Monat Guest

    Self-contained RF modulators are common devices. Radio Shack used to
    sell one. Expect to pay $5-10 for one that includes stereo sound.
  3. b

    b Guest

    i was just there today, and they only had one type, and it was $49 cdn :(
    zellers had one for $39 and $49
    they cant be that hard to modify one is it?
    im new to this stuff but do know a little bit, so any help would be good :)
  4. Luhan Monat

    Luhan Monat Guest


    DVD players have both video and audio outputs. These connect directly
    to any RF modulators inputs. Since no VCR is in the loop, the copy
    protection should not affect the TV picture.

    The real cheap units I refered to are 'modules' that require you to
    supply power to them. You may be better off with the $40-50 units that
    are completely self contained.
  5. Luhan Monat

    Luhan Monat Guest

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