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Making pc boards cheap

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by James Thompson, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Just wanted to share this link for anyone that is thinking of making your
    own pcb's.
    This link is to the web site of tom gotee. It is a very well detailed step
    through on making pcb's using the toner transfer method, but not with the
    expensive toner transfer paper. I have tested this ( Jet PRINTPHOTO -
    Multi-project photo paper ) with much better results then I got with the
    high priced ttp.
    Take a look, I was very impressed with the results.. JTT...
  2. Guest

    Yes, I'm trying it out too and it does indeed work. I'm aslo using his
    suggested mix of acid and peroxide as etchant.
  3. Page has been updated since the last time I visited. Tried several types of
    paper (can't get the described type here) but no fun. My Laserjet 4Si does
    not seem to cover the sheets anyway neither for plain paper, nor for
    transparants nor for any other kind of sheets I tried. It's not just
    pinholes, you can see the light through it. Tried a new Laserjet of my
    brother (don't know the exact type) but achieve the same results. Ever tried
    with a Laserjet 5000 that seemed to do better, but have no access to it

    petrus bitbyter
  4. Just wanted to share this link for anyone that is thinking of making your
    Look for inkjet photo paper that has 1 side shinny, other side normal paper.
    The paper I tried is JET brand gloss finish, made by international paper
    company of memphis tn. Bar ID: 010199070333.
    As I said, It did a much better job than the normal toner transfer paper. No
    pits, and smooth dark traces. Even on some very fine traces. JTT...
  5. Guest


    Thanks for mentioning my "pcb-making" webpage. I made that page,
    originally, because I didn't want everyone else to have to "re-invent
    the wheel", since it had taken me quite a bit of time and money to get
    the toner transfer method working well. It's especially-great for
    fast-turnaround prototyping needs, and/or for a very low budget.

    I want to point out that there is a very good discussion group that's
    devoted to making your own PCBs. It's called Homebrew_PCBs, and is at .

    (P.S. Off-topic: I sure hope that everyone else has also downloaded
    Linear Tech Corp's free LT-SPICE circuit simulator (AKA SwitcherCAD
    III), from ! It is a truly-excellent general-purpose
    Spice-based simulator. And there is a great discussion group for it,
    at . Both highly recommended!)


    Tom Gootee

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