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Making a flyback transformer

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by The Roberto, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. The Roberto

    The Roberto Guest

    I'm putting together a simple coilgun but want to make the circuitry
    easier to see than if I simply pulled the transformer out of a single
    use camera. I'm only charging a 300V capacitor, so I don't need the
    greatest output (like out of a TV flyback). What can I use for the
    core (nail, washer?)? How many turns on the primary and secondary?
    Thanks for any input.

  2. Ferrite is far superior to any kind of iron material, except, possibly
    a silicon laminated transformer core.

    You might find some small iron core transformer (preferably a waxed
    one) with a plastic bobbin. Pull all the laminations out of the
    bobbin, gang all the Es and Is in two stacks and put the Es back into
    the rewound bobbin with the Is on top of a paper shim. The gap added
    to the core will allow it to store energy and release it efficiently
    during the flyback.

    A cheap and common ferrite core for such purposes is a two piece bead
    that is made to place on a power or signal cable to suppress RF
    interference. The two halves need to be assembled with that same
    paper shim between the halves ot provide a small gap. You can either
    wind each half core first and then glue them together on the shim, or
    glue it first and them wind by passing wire through the hole.
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