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make them honor their warranties...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Sommerwerck, May 10, 2013.

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  1. The five-year-old toner cartridge in my HP 4M started streaking. It was not
    low on toner (the Low Toner indicator didn't come on, anyway), and shaking the
    cartridge didn't fix the problem.

    Although HP's Website says there is no time-limitation on toner-cartridge
    warranty (there /is/ one on inkjet-cartridges), I was repeatedly told there
    was a one-year warranty.

    I escalated the complaint, and somewhat to my surprise, management agreed with
    me. I got a new toner cartridge this morning.

    Companies vary (and HP tends to treat its customers better than most), but if
    you have a good, rational reason that don't like the way you're being
    treated -- complain, complain, complain.

    PS: HP says it's stopped making toner carts for the 4- and 5-series LaserJets,
    tank-like printers made by Canon. If you own and love one of these, you might
    want to grab a cartridge.

    "'We already know the answers -- we just haven't asked the right questions."
    -- Edwin Land
  2. philo 

    philo  Guest

    A few years back I purchased a Samsung laser printer for $100.

    The cartridge lasted about a year and when I went to purchase a
    replacement , Samsung wanted $100!

    I purchased a refilled unit for $30 and I am now on my 2nd year with it!
    A few weeks back, it started to streak just a bit. I removed it and
    re-inserted it and all is fine.
  3. A few years back I purchased a Samsung laser printer for $100.
    You might be surprised at the NOS you can find on eBay from legitimate
    sellers. I replaced the streaking cartridge with an unopened OEM cartridge for
    $35, including shipping. It works perfectly.

    I just purchased spare power supplies for my HP notebook, both OEM, and
  4. Indeed. Our company was going to throw away unused inkjet cartridges
    that they had on hand for a printer that had otherwise bit the dust. I
    volunteered to take them off the company's hands and put them on Ebay. I
    didn't make a whole lot of money, but I did bump up my seller feedback a

    I'm willing to bet this happens a lot. I do still have some Kodak slide
    projector bulbs around here somewhere from when the bank I worked for
    was acquired by a bigger bank and they were clearing out (throwing out
    is more like it) the supply room. That was 15 years ago.

    Of course, there's probably plenty of stuff that is plain old stolen
    from employers out there too. Hard to tell from afar.


  5. I enjoy trawling thru second-hand shops. (A cheap passtime...)
    Every so often I'll find New, Un-opened HP LJ III and HP LJ 4P toner
    cartridges at the Goodwill, ARC, The Salvation Army stores.

    The HP LJ III I bought for $1,872 23 years ago and is still going
    strong. The HP LJ 4P I bought for $10 at a second-hand store 12 years
    ago, and is primarily a backup for the HP LJ III, so it spends a lot of
    its time under a dust cover.

  6. philo 

    philo  Guest

    If you find the bulbs and want to sell one (or more) post back
  7. Nate Nagel

    Nate Nagel Guest

    Really? The last job I was at still used a 5si up until about a year
    ago... the thing was slow but literally never went down, unlike pretty
    much all the new fancy printer/copier/scanners. Obviously I had to use
    the new fancy stuff for copying and scanning but I still kept the 5si
    mapped on my PC for print jobs. I don't know how old they are but my
    job before that also had one when I started there... something like 14
    years ago.

  8. HP says it's stopped making toner carts for the 4- and 5-series
    It's a bit confusing. HP says it stopped supplying parts and support in 2005,
    which (assuming it applies to the 4 models) is rather a long time. (Most
    companies drop support within a year after a product is discontinued, even
    though it's illegal.)

    The 4- and 5-series printers were made by Canon, so it's not surprising
    they've held up. You can buy a refurbished unit for $100 or so. The /only/
    thing wrong with them is that they're a bit slow on complex graphics.

    I was told cartridges had been or were about to be discontinued. I was also
    told HP had trouble finding a new cartridge for me, and the one they sent was
    about the only one they could dig up. (It's dated 12/20/2012.)

    I get conflicting reports on how long cartridges will last. I'd read that the
    toner eventually starts clumping, but HP's warranty was (at one time) "until
    the toner runs out". The NOS cartridge I bought is two years /older/ than the
    cartridge it replaced, yet it works fine.

    I've placed the HP-warranty cartridge in a cool place in the garage. When I
    need it in four or five years, it should be okay.
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