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Mains wiring question (USA)

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Bob E., Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. Guest

    Why don't you bring your "state inspector friend" around so he can show us how
    wrong you are?
    This sounds like fun, but of course you're talking through your ass, as
    Your typical bullshit.
    Yes, sometimes I wonder how someone can be as stupid as you and still manage
    to breathe.
    To you being shown for the fool you are, as usual. That's what you risk every
    time you open your mouth, Jamie.
    All of them wrong except you, right Jamie?
    FOS, as always.
  2. Rich.

    Rich. Guest

    From the 2008 edition of the NEC:
    300.4 Protection Against Physical Damage ...

    (A) Cables and Raceways Through Wood Members.

    (1) Bored Holes. In both exposed and concealed locations, where a cable- or
    raceway-type wiring method is installed through bored holes in joists,
    rafters, or wood members, holes shall be bored so that the edge of the hole
    is not less than 32 mm (1¼ in.) from the nearest edge of the wood member.
    Where this distance cannot be maintained, the cable or raceway shall be
    protected from penetration by screws or nails by a steel plate(s) or
    bushing(s), at least 1.6 mm (1/16 in.) thick, and of appropriate length and
    width installed to cover the area of the wiring.

    Exception No. 1: Steel plates shall not be required to protect rigid metal
    conduit, intermediate metal conduit, rigid non-metallic conduit, or
    electrical metallic tubing.

    Exception No. 2: A listed and marked steel plate less than 1.6 mm (1/16 in.)
    thick that provides equal or better protection against nail or screw
    penetration shall be permitted.

    There is no provision to exempt type AC cable ("bx") from the nail-plate
    protection requirements.
  3. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    Wow. Foam roof and EMT vs romex, i would take a really serious look
    at EMT (and perhaps simple conductors instead of romex).
  4. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    If the romex is already in, just add the "shields" using raceway
  5. Josepi

    Josepi Guest

    EMT may not be considered mechanical protection as Rigid PVC is in your
    location or codebook. EMT and any form of rigid conduit are not

    Not here. The plastic is double the cost of EMT. They figure the ease
    of installation makes it worth more.

    bud-- wrote:

    Rigid PVC would be cheaper than EMT.
  6. Charlie E.

    Charlie E. Guest

    Actually, thinking about what he is doing, i would be real tempted to
    go with something solider, like rigid, instead of EMT...
  7. Charlie E.

    Charlie E. Guest

    Hi John,
    Not really. Rigid is a lot thicker and harder to work with than EMT,
    but it lasts literally forever if not physically damaged. EMT will
    dent if you look at it sideways... ;-)

  8. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    No it is not.

    rigid is like water pipe..
  9. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Actually, you don't need to look it at side ways for it to get dented,
    we get it delivered that way, or at least that's what the guys lead me
    onto believing!
  10. Rich.

    Rich. Guest

    No, emt is 1/16" thick and uses fittings, while rigid is 1/8" thick and is
  11. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    John F., there is significant wall thickness differences between EMT,
    IMC, and GRC. NOT the same. For more see NEC articles 358 EMT, 342
    IMC, and 344 RMC. Or use your favorite search engine with the added
    info i just provided.
  12. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    It sure is, inside buildings. Once you go outside it tends to be RMC
    (aka GRC). Though rigid PVC (aka RNC) is quite common also.
    My experience is different.
    I hardly ever see that used.
    If you want to get specific about the case i can look it up in my
    copy. I have 2005 here at home and 2008 at work.
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