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Mains hum + RF interference

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Den Murray, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. Den Murray

    Den Murray Guest

    Hi Group

    I'm looking for a simple solution to an annoying problem.

    On my PC I've got a set of external (mains powered) speakers. I've got a
    couple of annoying problems that I'm sure should be rectifiable, but I don't
    know how!

    1. When the speakers are turned up high I hear a mains (60Hz) hum.
    2. I sometimes get really heavy interference from what sounds like local
    walkie-talkie / taxi service / emergency service (mainly noticable when the
    speakers are (i.e. powered up) but have no audio output going to them.

    Any ideas how to stop this?


  2. Vlad

    Vlad Guest

    It looks to me you have a ground problem.
    In order to detect a modulated carrier you must have a detector (a non
    linear connection) A bad ground.
    Have all grounds together and grounded only at one location.

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