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Magnetic Fields and TVs

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by James Nickerson, Dec 9, 2003.

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry if I am posting this to the wrong group. I was wondering if LCD
    or DLP projection televisions are effected by magnetic fields? If I
    have a non-magnetically shielded speaker close to one of these tvs
    will it distort my picture? Thanks.
  2. default

    default Guest

    In theory: no

    In practice it is probably "possible" to have a strong enough magnetic
    field, but that's more of a laboratory/EMP weapons testing sort of

    Unless you have an MRI or superconducting magnet in our TV room
    there's probably no problem.
  3. The LCD screen itself should not be easily effected by magnetic
    fields, unless they are extremely strong. If a strong magnetic field
    approaches any electronic circuits, especialy ones that use some
    reactive devices, and high frequency operations, there can be some

    As for general exposure to the types of magnetic fields that you would
    have from speaker, and other appliances, the LCD is not as effected as
    a CRT. You will not have purity, or convergence problems with an LCD
    screen. There is no electron beam to be effected, as in the internal
    function of a picture tube.

    As for the DLP screens for home use, they use a motor with a wheel,
    and a micro-mirror display IC for the picture. There are some very
    complex electronics used to drive this display and control the
    sequence of the filter motor. If there is a strong magnetic field
    near by, it may cause some effect on the performance of the unit. If a
    magnetic field is close to the screen itself, there should be no
    effect at all, because this would be a projected image using light
    only. It would take much more of a magnitic field than anyone can
    have at home or in a general lab to bend light.

    All electronics is effected by magnetic fields in some way. The degree
    of the effect is dependend on many complex factors, and the type of
    operation the electronics are performing.

    Jerry Greenberg
  4. Thanks for your answers.
  5. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    In news: (Jerry Greenberg):
    What if you are into:
    20000 joules, peak current of 100KA, 320MW...
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