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Magnavox VCR schematic or help needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Don Wall, Dec 25, 2004.

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  1. Don Wall

    Don Wall Guest

    The VCR is a Magnavox VR601BMG23, the symptoms are: when plugged in, the
    power led and cassette in led illuminate, even though there is no
    cassette in the unit. It will not load a cassette if one is inserted,
    and if the carrier is manually loaded, either empty or with a dummy
    cassette, it will not eject it. The loading motor will try to run, and
    if the belt is taken off, it will run. After a few seconds, the power
    led will go out, and the cassette in led will flash. I could use a
    schematic to troubleshoot, or if anyone has seen this problem and can
    suggest a fix, I'd appreciate it very much!

    Don Wall
  2. Ol' Duffer

    Ol' Duffer Guest

    I am writing from home, so don't have service manual handy.

    "The loading motor will try to run" sounds like the mechanism
    is stalled. Many of these have a "kick pulley" that engages
    a pawl to snap the brakes on when going from FF or REW to
    PLAY or STOP so you don't get tape spill. It takes a pretty
    good amount of torque to drive this, and it is not uncommon
    for the loading belt to slip with age, especially in a smoker
    or greasy environment. Once the pawl is jammed against the
    pulley, the machine will not recover until enough torque is
    generated to finish the stroke. Often, you can give it a
    push with your finger and it will then appear to function
    normally for awhile, but will happen again if the belt does
    not have enough traction. The cure for this is to replace
    the belt and clean the pulleys.

    Another scenario is that if the mode switch gets oxidized
    badly enough, the machine will not be able to find home
    position. Motor will run all the way to end of eject and
    continue trying to run until it times-out. The cure for
    this is to clean the mode switch and lubricate it with an
    anti-oxidant oil or grease.

    And the opto source and tape end sensors can cause some
    odd problems. IR LED in the middle of the tape gets
    weaker with age, tape end mirrors get foggy, sometimes
    light pipe alignment was poor to start with.

    Loading mechanism, mode switch, and opto sensors are the
    sources of an overwhelming majority of problems. When I
    break out a service manual, it's usually to look up part
    numbers, and it's rare to unfold a schematic page.
  3. Good suggestions. I would add that maybe the load carriage timing is wrong
    with regard to loe lower mechanism. Happens all the time, especially if
    someone has been into it.

    Mark Z.
  4. Guest

    I have an old Magnavox VCR that began having a strange problem.
    I unplugged and re-plugged all connectors (must have been over
    35 connectors). Problem disappeared. Apparently a bad connection
    formed over the years.
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