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Magnavox vcr revisited

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mac, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Mac

    Mac Guest

    Previously I posted that:

    "I have a 4 head, hifi Magnavox VCR, mo.# VRS962AT21 with no sound.Not bad
    sound or even poor sound. No sound at all. I like this model because it has
    a built in video stabilizer of some sort that enables me to hook my DVD
    player through it without macrovision issues.I should mention that there is
    no audio from the DVD player when run through this VCR as well so I don't
    believe it could be in the video heads or audio head. The unit is in good
    working order otherwise."

    Upon further inspection I discovered that setting the audio output to "mono"
    by accessing the menu delivers good sound.
    I believe I have narrowed it down to the video heads. RCA jacks and Coax
    both output stereo sound when DVD player is hooked up to VCR (but Coax only
    works if menu is set to "mono" but still outputs stereo sound). Neither RCA
    or Coax will output stereo sound when playing a tape (no audio at all).
    Both RCA and Coax output mono sound from tape.
    The heads have been thoroughly cleaned and deliver a fine picture. I
    haven't found any cold solder joints but there is some discoloration around
    the IR diode on the main board, like some overheating has occurred.
    Anyone have an idea of where to look?
    Thanks again,
  2. Fellow Human

    Fellow Human Guest

    It does not sound like you're having problem with heads, since you do not
    get external source sound in stereo mode either. You can try this test to
    further narrow down the culprit: Set the vcr to stereo, record a portion
    from a dvd, then play back the same portion with the vcr in mono mode. Does
    the recording have sound?
  3. Mac

    Mac Guest

    Good point, I will try your test and advise.
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