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Magnavox VCR/DVD MWD2205 Changing Output to Channel 4

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Guest


    I have a relative who moved recently and asked me to hook up her Magnavox
    VCR/DVD model MWD2205. Note: The owner's manual is lost or mis-placed.

    After I hooked it up, and set the date/time, etc., the only thing I was
    unable to do is change the output from channel 3 (default) to channel 4.

    Older VCRs have a switch on the back, but some new equipment do not.
    I explored the menu settings, but I didn't locate a place where I can change
    the output (channel 3 or 4).

    Does anyone have information on changing the output from channel 3 to
    channel 4?

    Thank You in Advance, John

    PS, Remove "ine" from my email address
  2. kaboom

    kaboom Guest

    **My VCR is the same way, no switch on the back. Whenever I lose the
    settings, for whatever reason, I use the VCR's remote to change it to
    channel 3. I push 0 then 3 or something like that :) The VCR always
    stays on channel three and I use the digital box to change the
    channels when I want to record.
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