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Magnavox projection TV problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jeff Haff, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. Jeff Haff

    Jeff Haff Guest

    I've got a Magnavox 55" projection TV that recently stopped working.
    The first hint of a problem came while watching it last Tuesday. First
    the picture only took up half the vertical height and it had kind of a
    fisheye look to it. Then, after a short while, it would return to
    normal. Shortly after that, it lost color and was all black & white.
    At various times, the screen would also just go black for a split
    second before returning to normal.
    I turned the TV off and, a couple hours later, I turned it back
    on and everything seemed to work fine for about 3 hours. Then it
    totally shut off and would not do anything. The green light on the
    front came on and you could hear it power up, but there was no picture
    and no sound.
    I decided to take the back cover off and look around to see if I
    could see anything obviously wrong. There was a lot of dust in there,
    so I used a can of spray air to get it off the components. I couldn't
    see anything that looked out of the ordinary to me, so I put the cover
    back on. When I hit power after that, it worked fine. It continued to
    work fine for about 4 days, so I thought everything was OK. Then on
    Saturday I left the house and left the TV on. When I came back, the
    TV was off and I was back to the power up but no sound or picture
    problem again.
    I took the back cover off again and I saw that one of the circuit
    boards on the bottom had a small bit (about a teaspoon) of oil on it
    with some black residue in it.
    So that's my story. Does anybody know what kind of a situation
    I've got on my hands? This TV is only 3 years old. I'm about to take
    it to a repair shop, but I wanted to see if anybody had an idea of
    what was wrong before I did that so I can have an idea of what kind of
    repair bill I'm looking at.

    Jeff Haff
  2. Dan Cauley

    Dan Cauley Guest

    Sounds like you have a coolant leak. To prevent further damage, stop using
    the set immidiately. Most shops give free estimates.

  3. Ol' Duffer

    Ol' Duffer Guest

    No. Most shops that pay well enough to keep competent techs need
    to charge a nominal fee to stay in business. Be suspicious of anyone
    offering a "free" estimate.
  4. True, any shop that does not value its technicians time enough to ask
    reasonable payment for estimates is likely not going to keep decent techs
    around very long.

    Leonard Caillouet
  5. Jeff Haff

    Jeff Haff Guest

    Well, it turns out that I had a CRT tube leak onto one of the main
    motherboards. The repair shop says that I should call Magnavox and see
    if there is any assistance available in picking up part of the cost.
    That seems like a long shot at best as the TV is out of warranty. It
    was purchased in July of 2000 and the CRT was only warrantied for 2

    This whole problem just seems to be caused by poor design. Why place
    something with a liquid in it directly over a major electrical
    component? Oh wait, I see now, maybe it's so they can sell replacement

    Anyway, if anybody has a used main circuit board for a Magnavox model
    9P5511, let me know.

    Jeff Haff
  6. Alain.Beguin

    Alain.Beguin Guest

    "Jeff Haff" a écrit le/schreef op/wrote on 6/10/2003
    I'm just curious, why don't you listen to the "good" advice that the
    repair shop gave you.
    It is not by trying do take the Magnavox name in the dirt that you will
    be helped by them...
    Your repair shop is right and Magnavox will indeed pick up part of the
    Philips and Magnavox are doing this in the entire world, even when the
    warranty is finished.
    This is called the "coulance".Only for "special" cases, like this one
    And also, where do you want those tubes? Usually they are close to the
    I wander why i'm telling you this, because you don't deserve to be
    Thank you in advance would be to much?
  7. Ol' Duffer

    Ol' Duffer Guest

    Most likely the CRT is fine, but either the coolant chamber
    gasket or the expansion diaphragm has been damaged. This could
    have happened during assembly, or be the result of rough handling
    during transport.
    Part of the answer may be that the circuit boards have become
    large to accomodate the increased complexity of HDTV readiness,
    PIP, parental control, digital convergence, Dolby surround,
    and so forth. The cabinet space available lends itself best
    to horizontal board placement. Still it seems incredibly
    shortsighted to not have considered the possibility of leakage.

    Perhaps this is a risk-assessment issue, i.e. they figure that
    the majority will survive the warranty, and the cost of repairing
    a few failures will be less than the design of a real solution.
    I think you previously indicated that it still worked some of
    the time, and if so it should not be too difficult to clean up
    and repair. New panels sell in the $500 range IIRC.
  8. TV Fixer1

    TV Fixer1 Guest

    Saw one of these new under warranty. It had a small sliver of metal caught in
    the O-ring that seals the filler plug on the coolant chamber. Replaced the
    o-ring and the Small Signal board.
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