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Magento ignition rectifier/regulator

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by steven, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. steven

    steven Guest

    I am in the process of designing some electronics and I am looking at power
    sources for my application. I am thinking about attempting to take power
    from the primary side of a transistorized magneto ignition coil as can be
    found on the honda GX160 engines.

    My electronic device runs at 3.3v so I need to some how take this AC
    current, do some rectifying, smoothing and regulation to generate a nice low
    ripple DC voltage of 3.3v. The power requirements are fairly small, I only
    need around 200mA maximum

    Does anybody know the typical output voltage and current I would expect from
    the ignition on something similar to a honda GX160 engine? Power electronics
    isn't my speciality, I have done some reading up on the subject but am still
    uncertain about exactly what I need to do!
  2. Donald

    Donald Guest

    Isn't the primary side of any electronic ignition the battery ??

    Is there a battery connected to the GX160 engine ??

    So, use the battery.


    PS: don't use the output side !
  3. Steven

    Steven Guest

    There is no battery on the primary side. The GX160 unit I was planning
    on using starts with a recoil pull start and so has no battery.

    There is a bullet connector available to me on the primary side of the
    coil, I don't have access to the engine yet, so ideally I need to know
    what voltage/current levels I will get from this connector?
  4. Guest

    Hai there Steven,
    My name's Dilip George and I could say that I have been into
    electronics for a long time.First I need to know what is a Honda GX160
    engine?.Is it the engine on a bike or a portable generator or
    something like that?.The point is,if its of a bike,then chances are
    very good that you will have other windings on the magneto to work
    on.One winding will be a VERY high voltage coil and is meant for and
    can be safely used ONLY for the transistorised (electronic)
    ignition.There could be another winding for the headlamps and one more
    winding to charge the battery on the bike.Usually, the horn,the brake
    lights and indicators are run on the battery.In this case we have a
    fairly clean source of DC (maybe 6volts or 12volts) from which it
    would be very easy to use a simple transistorized voltage regulator to
    get the voltage you need.But then,some bikes don't have a battery and
    run everything from the magneto.But even here there will be a
    regulator because otherwise all the bulbs will just burn out at high
    rev.The voltage after this regulator is really FULL of ripple but you
    can easily put a capacitor to smooth it.Just remember that you'll need
    to have a diode in between the regulator and capacitor so that you
    have an isolation from the rest of the gadgets connected to the
    regulator.From here too you can get the voltage you need through a
    simple transistorized regulator.BUT if its not a bike engine, but just
    a stand-alone engine,then it is very tricky because there would be
    only one winding on the magneto and that too would be the high voltage
    one.I would never recommend taking a voltage from there.If my guess is
    right,you are considering using 3.3volts for a microprocessor chip or
    something like that.Do you see any way that you could add one more
    coil on the magneto?.Even if there isn't,you could just try and wind a
    few turns of good grade enamelled copper wire over the existing
    winding so as to get atleast 6volts AC and then take it on from
    there.This is also not a recommendable idea if you are meaning to use
    a microprocessor because a lot of spikes can turn up in there each
    time the spark-plug fires.I know very well that I havn't answered you
    question as yet, but then,I can just give you some ideas to work on.If
    you need more help,please feel free to write and ask.But in the
    meantime,you have some homework to do.Good luck Steven.
  5. GPG

    GPG Guest

  6. jasen

    jasen Guest

    I'd expect mostly nothing with peaks to few hundered volts when
    the points open... and then less than 100v until they close again,
    detainls speed dependant, a real mess.

    I'd be considering putting a second pickup near the flywheel to pick up
    some better behaved power with less risk of messing up the ignition
    system or frying the micro.

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