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Magellan Meridian GPS

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Garland Gray, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Garland Gray

    Garland Gray Guest

    Just dusted off my first GPS, bought in 1994. Hadn't used it for some years,
    but thought i might press it into service.

    However, even after initalizing, it didn't pick up enough satellites to make
    a fix.

    Should it be capable of functioning, or does it just see satellites
    programed back then, and those are now "dead"?

    Magellan's website doesn't help; maybe that's my answer.
  2. Garland Gray

    Garland Gray Guest

    Thanks, that might be the problem; seems like I used it since then,but not
    I can check the dates of some trips to see if I can rule that out.
  3. Garland Gray

    Garland Gray Guest

    I should be covered there. I gave it lots of time, then initialised, and
    gave it a lot more time again. No go.
    So you think my 1994 GPS should be able to get a fix from the current
    satellites ?

    When a GPS receiver is operating, it downloads the current almanac of
    satellites. The complete almanac download takes around 13 minutes, so
    that establishes the minimum operating time for a GPS unit.

    The almanac expires, ie becomes out of date, after about 24 weeks
    (more or less). You can also render the alamanac useless by turning
    off your GPS unit and moving it more than 300 nautical miles and then
    turning it on.

    You can force your GPS unit to reinitialise and download a new almanac
    by a cold start, ie turning it on and specifying your current lat and
    long (graphically with some units, numerically with others). Or just
    forcing it to look for satellites for 13 minutes. Specifying your
    current location is a faster technique

  4. Bitten by the curiosity bug, I pulled out my old Magellan GPS 3000
    from the early 90s. It also failed to find more than three satellites
    and never got a navigational lock. I gave it approximate time and
    position to assist in startup and still no luck.

    A Magellan GPS315 from 2000 still works fine. It's been relegated to
    backup duty in the motor home since I got a Garmin GPSMap 76C a few
    years ago.

    Mark Borgerson
  5. Lnragan


    Oct 2, 2009
    how do I download the current almanac?
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