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MAGELLAN DIY questions

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by alarm_1st_timer, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi;

    I'm new to this group with absolutely no alarm wiring experience. I’ve
    bought a paradox MAGELLAN alarm system (4x wired digigard 75 PIR, 3x
    wired 476+ Pro PIR, SP-ZX8 expander, MG5050 PCB and the K32 LCD

    My first question is: What is meant by EOL (end of line) and Wire
    Fault Recognition? Should there be only 4 wires OR 6 wired going into
    the PIR?

    Is the following statement correct: If I only connect 4 wires to PIR
    (2 for power – black & red AND 2 for the alarm) and I use a resistor
    across one of the alarm and one of the Tamper connections – then the
    alarm will sound if cover is removed BUT nothing will happen if the
    wire connection to PIR is broken?

    Also the MG5050 PCB has 5 zone connections (Z1 to Z5) but only 2 C
    connections (suppose the “C” stands for Common). Therefore if all 5
    zones are connected (Z1 to Z5 with one wire each), I am left with 2
    wires in the fist “C” and 3 in the other “C” OR maybe all 5 in one of
    the “C’s”?

    I suppose you connect the magnet contacts to any open zone (the same
    applies to panic buttons)?

    Last question: I want to connect 3 LED’s to indicate alarm status from
    outside of home. I think these must go to PGM inputs on panel but what
    happens to the other wire? I.e. One (LED positive) goes to PGM1 and
    the other wire to C?

    Please excuse the obvious questions but it is not straight forward in
    the manuals and I don’t want to “blow up” the panel.

  2. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    **Crash Gordon**

    Have you read the programming manual yet? Maybe you shouldn't be doing this
    yourself, since you don't yet understand the basics(?)

    The resistor allows for supervision of the wire/device.

    Should there be only 4 wires OR 6 wired going into
    4 if you're not going to use the tamper, 6 if you are - the tamper zone will
    eat up another zone. If this is your residence you may not need to use the
    tamper unless you have people in your home that may try to tamper with your

    Not across, in series - generally. If tamper loses the resistor you should
    get a trouble if not armed, an alarm if armed. If you mean you are going to
    put the tamper and the relay in series with each other you would not use two
    resistors only one.

    Common is common except for fire zone which may be different - it's been a
    long time since I've messed with Paradox.
    Suppose so...depends on what you want to do and how you program the panel.
    Dunno. Generally you are going out to the LED from a relay output or a wet
    output...if a relay you have to supply power (watch your voltage or you'll
    fry the LED)
    You probably will...there's a lot you apparently do not understand...but
    we'll try to help.
  3. Thanx guys;

    Programming guide is actually easy. Already found most of the codes I
    need to program once I’m up and running.
    Anything thing – do I need resistors on my door magnet (same applies
    to panic button) or do I just connect them directly into an available
    zone? I'm 99% sure I don't need them - but I'll rather ask.

  4. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

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  5. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    I've never seen a "magnet" that needed an EOL

    **Crash Gordon**
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