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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by phaeton, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. phaeton

    phaeton Guest


    Seems this question comes up every now and again. I know this from
    searching the groogle gloops archives. Problem is that I cannot find
    any references newer than say, 1999, and many of the magazines cited
    appear to have gone by the wayside- i.e. Circuit Cellar, etc.

    Some time ago, I came across some old issues of Popular Electronics and
    was blown away by the quality of the articles, the neat projects and
    interesting people writing for them (i.e. Craig Anderton). I
    understand that, for all intents and purposes, "Nuts and Volts" is the
    modern incarnation of PE. Some posts (in 1999) indicated that Nuts and
    Volts was on a decline.

    True or False?

    How about Everyday Practical Electronics? or Silicon Chip Magazine?
    I'm in the United States, so will the circuits in these still work even
    though the holes and electrons want to travel on the wrong side of the
    wire, upside down?

    These days, with Internet mail order and all, is it pretty easy to find
    parts and supplies for projects in magazines from abroad?

    What else is worth reading, and what is junk? My skill level is
    somewhere between beginner and intermediate. I'm mostly interested in
    audio circuits, and i *could* become interested in robotics. I'm less
    interested in magazines that regularly feature computer/operating
    system/programming subjects (I already get enough of that at work).
    Part of my problem is that I'm eager to build *something* all the time,
    I just don't know what to build, aside from guitar effects and small

    I'd appreciate any help, direction or flames. Thanks in advance!

  2. Buddy Smith

    Buddy Smith Guest

    That's news to me, considering that I have a circuit cellar

    I've heard that Servo, Nuts and Volts, and Make magazine
    ( are all fine publications.


  3. I don't keep up with new hobby mags anymore, simply because I don't have the
    time and there aren't as many around. But I do know that you can still load
    up on back issues of various electronics/ham radio mags very cheaply. Check
    out computer sidewalk sales, hamfests, and library sales. You can find
    issues of _Popular Electronics_, _73_, _QST_, _CQ_, _Hands-On Electronics_,
    _Electronics Now_, etc. Much of what they handle is still useful today and
    they're easy to understand. Of course, by this time you may have to make
    any circuit board patterns yourself, and some oddball components may be
    difficult to find. But if you're just studying theory or want to read stuff
    from particular writers, that's a good way to go.
  4. DM

    DM Guest

    I agree with Matt that older magazines are one of the best sources of both
    project ideas and information on the basics. You can find vintage Popular
    Electronics, Radio Electronics and Elementary Electronics on Ebay fairly

    From my experience you can't do any better than these older publications for
    timeless tutorials on things you must understand to pursue electronics
    right. Many seem forget that you must understand concepts discovered over
    100 year ago and devices invented over 50 years ago to build and/or modify a
    project built around the latest microcontroller, MP3 player or Internet

  5. steamer

    steamer Guest

    --3 I find useful:
    -Nuts & Volts
    --There's a bran new rag devoted to homebrew robotics but the
    name escapes me at the moment..
  6. phaeton

    phaeton Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions, folks.

    I'll definately have to dig up the old Popular Electronics mags. I
    bumped into someone in a different forum that said he bought about 7
    years worth of issues from a library sale many years ago for about $5
    (and then of course ebayed them).

    Makezine looked interesting for this issue, so I bit the bullet and
    ordered a subscription. I'll probably do the same for Circuit Cellar
    and/or Nuts n Volts.

    I'm trying to avoid "digital copies" of magazines though. I'm trying
    to develop something to read and do /away/ from the computer :-D


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