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mag stripe writer - help!

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by kjhkjh, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. kjhkjh

    kjhkjh Guest

    Hi, all,

    I'm looking to program a front-end for a project I have coming up. I need to
    be able to swipe a card, look at the info on there already, input new info,
    and write it. Finally, all the info going thru the reader/writer needs to be
    stored in a (sql?) database.

    The specs on the project are like this:
    The front-end needs to scan & ocr a driver's licence (I think Reynolds &
    Reynolds has some hardware/software that will do this). This information
    will go into a form.

    Next, the owner of the card will draw a playing card at random. User inputs
    this card - rank & suit - into the same form.

    Finally, the user will click "write" and swipe the card, thus encoding DL
    information and which playing card was drawn onto the mag stripe card.

    5 playing cards total will be drawn, meaning 2 swipes are neccesary each
    time a card is chosen -- one swipe to populate the form, and another swipe
    to write the new information (eg. which playing card was just chosen) onto
    the mag card. The subsequent writes must be non-destructive, or at least
    have the appearance of being non-destructive by keeping what is already on
    the card.

    Additionally, all of this information must be exported to a database.

    Any ideas or sugguestions are appreciated.

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