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Mag Locks

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Dandelion Acres, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. I looking for the smallest header-mounted lock available. It's to specify
    for a residential perimeter locking system. I'm not entirely opposed to a
    bolt lock but would like to avoid the mechanical nature and the noise.

    Securitron has a cool feature, Senstat, that could be used to monitor lock
    status but they don't appear to have one small enough for a wood frame door

    I'll control and monitor them (about 15) with an HAI control.

    Any product ideas?
  2. Silicon Sam

    Silicon Sam Guest

  3. That one sits on the face of a door. I need a flush-header mount, facing
  4. Silicon Sam

    Silicon Sam Guest

    I have always seen them refered to as Shear Locks. Mag Locks mount on
    the header, the reason for the confusion. Outlawed in some cities, I
    know Houston for one. Not here in Austin though.

    Try this link, and click on Shear Lock locks on the bottom line.

  5. I think I've used SDC a few times...a double... and boy are they a pain in the arse to install (in general).
  6. alarman

    alarman Guest

  7. getting them lined up and staying lined up, above double doors that swang (is that a word?) both ways...bronze framed glass doors...needed a machinist friend to help make some pieces...we finally got them dialed in and they are still working fine after 6-7 years now. I "probably" should have subbed out the door work to a door guy, but the last time I did that I used a locksmith and he totally fucked up 3 door we did it ourselves on these puppies.
  8. Silicon Sam

    Silicon Sam Guest

    As far as mags go, I like the name brands, RCI Rutherford,
    Locknetics,etc.. But the SDC and some of the Doortronics mags are
    pretty cheesy. But they have their place.

    I've done maybe 200+ mags and 200+ strikes, and it's gotten to where
    I'd rather do strikes than mags now. Makes a lot more noise if you
    gotta work during regular hours tho...

  9. Oh can't work after hours, you'll have to install that door thingie during normal business hours...uh ok...hey, you're in the way of our customers working on the main door can't you do that some other way?....uh ok...but you said we couldn't work after hours...what time would you like us to shove this up your arse then?...anytime that is convienient for you would be fine with me and Bruno here.
  10. Silicon Sam

    Silicon Sam Guest

    Yeah, know what ya mean. Fortunately the majority of my customers
    let me work after hours, or it's a new construction site.

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