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Madell Hot Air Solder Station?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Peter Hiscocks, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. I'm considering purchasing a hot-air soldering station to help solder SMC
    boards. The Madell 8502 (for example) is a fraction of the cost of some of
    the other 'big name' hot air soldering stations. Does anyone have any
    experience with this brand?

    The same unit may be marketed under the Sunkko label, the units look very
    similar on the Web.

    Any comments appreciated.


    Peter D. Hiscocks
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Ryerson University,
    350 Victoria Street,
    Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3, Canada

    Phone: (416) 979-5000 Ext 6109
    Fax: (416) 979-5280
  2. Richard H.

    Richard H. Guest

    No comments on this unit, but IMHO you will greatly benefit from a
    pre-heater when using an air pencil. It will make the air pencil much
    faster / easier to use, and completely eases the struggle with
    (de-)soldering to large copper pours. See for some.

  3. Rob Young

    Rob Young Guest

    I have an 850B. Quite happy with it.

    Mostly it is used during prototype stage to remove a chip or two. With a
    little practice I am getting 144 pin TQFPs off boards without seriously
    damaging the pads. That is to say, all the pads are still on the board!
    But mostly it is used to remove smaller parts like op-amps when somebody
    wants to try a different part.

    Rob Young
  4. I don't know the Madell. I recently bought an Atten 850D hot air station
    from Acifica (, have used it for SMD part
    removal as you describe, and am happy with it. Just based on part number
    and the fact it comes from China, I expect it's similar to what you're
    looking at, maybe with different features (the 850D has some extra
    features). I haven't tried soldering, only unsoldering. It was inexpensive
    but seems to do the job fine. Acifica was fine to deal with; I got quick
    responses from a human being, and shipment was quick.

    No relationship with Atten or Acifica other than "satisfied customer."
  5. Russ

    Russ Guest

    I just bought the 850D. The reason why was that the 850D has more power
    then the 9802, 850B etc. I am not sure if it makes the difference but I
    talked with a number or people who reccomend the D model. Check out they have a lot of info on SMD stuff.
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