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LVDS signal from an FT812

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by NeX, Jan 24, 2017.

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  1. NeX


    Jan 24, 2017
    Hi everyone, this is my first post

    i am hoping to get some outside help on a project i have been working on. i am trying to drive an LCD which uses an LVDS interface, with an FTDI F812 graphics processing chip.

    this is the datasheet for the display:

    and this is the datasheet for the FTDI chip:

    i am using an ID250 TTL to LVDS converter board, here is the datasheet:
    and the datasheet for the actual chip on board:

    i have triple checked the wiring and i am confident it works, the LCD works with an external driver board and the FTDI works with other displays, but if i try and drive the LCD with LVDS is just flickers a bit.

    i have used a 10Mhz crystal for the FT812 to bring the speed in sync with what the LCD is expecting, and i have set the FTDI up with these settings:

    REG_HCYCLE, 1688
    REG_HSYNC0, 400
    REG_HSYNC1, 4
    REG_HOFFSET, 408
    REG_VCYCLE, 525
    REG_VSYNC0, 40
    REG_VSYNC1, 4
    REG_HSIZE, 1280
    REG_VSIZE, 480
    REG_PCLK, 2

    this is the best settings i could work out from the datasheets. unfortunately i have no scope and only a cheap chinese logic analyser so i am kinda going blind on this one.

    if anyone has any ideas or can think of anything else i would really appreciate it. i have just ordered a different TTL to LVDS chip:

    so maybe i will have better luck with that, but until it arrives i still want to see if i can get what i have here working.

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