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Luminglas stopped working

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by ShadowTek, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. ShadowTek

    ShadowTek Guest

    I have a 12" blue luminglas the just stop working a while back.
    In case you don't know what I'm refering to, (It's those cool
    lightning disk things that they have above the Borg
    recepticals/personal recharge stations in Star Trek. They react to
    sound or just flash visible electrical pulses to fixed settings.) the
    following URL has the product image and description from their
    It was working just fine up until one day, when I tried to turn it on,
    it just wouldn't work at all.
    It was being used in a standard 110 wall receptical without a surge
    It sat securely on a shelf out of the way so I dont think any form of
    impact trama had anything to do with it.
    I tested the 12V output transformer (that came with it) and it was
    putting out 16V according to my analog multimeter.
    Is the 16V output a possible cause of the problem or is that
    I don't really know much at all that much about electronics so I have
    no idea myself.
    I resistance tested from the power input reciever (or whatever you
    call it where the tranformer cord plugs in) to a bare wire where the
    one wire from the circuit board and all that are twisted in with the
    one wire that comes right out of the back of the glass and read 4
    Is that normal?
    I have no idea what to do or how to work on circuit board stuff but I
    have an analog multimeter and some free time so I would like to try
    what I can.
    I got this as a christmas gift but I hear its like $100 so it would be
    worth it to fix.
    I took a picture of the circuit board as it lay disasembled on my
    table so maybe that will help somehow. - Limunglas Circuit
    (Its a jpg file but my web server wouldn't allow me to upload it like
    that for some reason.)
    By the way, if in your response, you refer to stuff on the circuit
    board please call it the red thing or the yellow thing ect. since that
    will help the most lol.

    P.S., O/T: I just came across a brief counter calculating the ongoing
    cost of war in Iraq with a comparison to what else this money could be
    spent on.
  2. The power supply is a high voltage inverter. Most likely problems would be
    in the power transistor(s) (check for shorts - very likely it's dead) or the
    HV transformer. Given your level of expertise, finding a replacement for
    the power supply would probably be the best bet.

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  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    16v is perfectly normal for a 12v transformer with no load. Electronics
    quite often just fail for no apparent reason, especially cheaply made stuff
    like the power supply in your unit. I would look carefully for cracked
    solder joints as I've fixed a few of those cheap Chinese made neon
    sculptures that had that problem, otherwise you'll need some electronic
    troubleshooting skills and at least a multimeter to fix it.
  4. Lightning

    Lightning Guest

    I read about your problem. I have a 16" green one that is impossible to
    find. I called the manufacturer today (Can You Imagine), they no longer
    make the size I have nor do they sell just the black box located on the
    back of it. I have had mine for about 3 years and it works sporatically. I
    believe it is in the switch that turns it on and off, I will be taking it
    apart tomorrow to find out. I did find a website that sells the black
    boxes for all sizes for $30.00,it is made by the same company that made
    ours. If I discover that I can not fix the switch I will be ordering a new
    box. Yes they run around $100, the one I have cost the person who gave it
    to me $175.00, so I am definately going to fix it. The website that has
    the boxes is: They have some AWESOME custom made stuff
    that I wont even dare to call them and ask for the price. Good luck, I
    hope you get yours working becuase they are definately very cool to look
  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I doubt it's the switch, more likely a bad solder joint on the circuit
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