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LTspive IV probs

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Bill Sloman, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Repost on sci.electronics.cad or go to

    Helmut Sennewald will probably be able to tell you exactly what you
    are doing wrong. If it's a real problem, Mike Engelhardt at Linear
    Technology will fix it, or see that it gets fixed.
  2. Grant

    Grant Guest

    Uninstall LTSpice and start over. To apply update start LTSpice with
    right-click -> Run as administrator, then Tools -> Sync Release.

    It works on win7.

  3. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

  4. Grant

    Grant Guest

    Why you stay back in dark ages of win2k?
    I really think you ought to catch up to decent windows OS :)

  5. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Uninstall and re-install dew gnott hellp.

    Nope; get menu Open / scan with Avast! / Send to / Cut / Copy /
    create shortcut / delete / rename / Properties .

    Not using Win 7; using Win2K.
    Last time i had this problem i found the URL was incorrect; it was
    .../fieldsync2/.. where at that time the ../fieldsync/.. URL was 404.
    They must have fixed that problem because the URL does have the .GZ
    file (and the ../fieldsync2/.. is 404).
  6. Hey, he was on Windows 98 for the last 10 years IIRC, he must have just
  7. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    The OS has nothing to do with the bad URLs or bad .GZ files.

    Win7 release has removed many useful features that Win2K (or even
    WinXP which was more stunted than Win2K) had.
    You CANNOT search for files with a given text.
    You WILL NOT find all files with a given search parameter; you may be
    lucky to find one or two and the chances of finding the file that you
    damn well know exists, is virtually ZERO.
    You have to toss all older programs and _buy_ new versions that are
    so crappy and/or different that you would be better off learning the
    language of the sand lizards of Alpha Centauri.

    You have absolutely ZERO control as to which processes will run in
    the background and AFAIK cannot even kill a process if something goes
    tits up.
    Undesirable processes (ie should be disabled): Messenger, Alerter,
    Clipbook, Distributed Link Tracking Client, Distributed Transaction
    Coordinator, Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing, Routing and Remote
    Access, Smart Card, Smart Card Helper, Telnet, and if do not have UPS or
    UPS has no computer link), disable Uninterruptible Power Supply.
    Perhaps disable Wireless Configuration,if hardwired Ethernet.
  8. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    That was Win98SE, i will have you know!
    Win2K gives the user the most control of processes, ability to search
    for files (AND FIND THEM..which Win7 does not find but one in 10-15), etc.
    One does not have to buy all new programs - a number of which are so
    different as to be like Greek written in Chinese.
  9. I suspect that using windows 2k now will be a constant battle if you
    ever intend to install any modern software, it has dropped off everyones

    XP is almost as old but still enjoys some vendor support since there are
    many companies still using it. Vista is a dog but 7 is OK IMO.

    Pretty sure you can in fact search by file content in 7, though not
    something I use. For sure there are "desktop search" programs which do
    this, as well as search emails.
  10. MrTallyman

    MrTallyman Guest

    You are an absolute idiot.

    You CAN search for individual file names, dork. AND it WILL find all

    You DO have control over processes, it is called Task Manager, and
    never went anywhere.

    You do NOT have to "toss all older programs and buy new versions"

    Fucking retards like you are what need to be "tossed".

    And a Centaurian Sand Lizard is 500 times more intelligent than you are
    as well.
  11. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    I can't offhand think of anything you could do on Win2k that you could
    not also do on WinXP more reliably. The latter was very much more stable
    and became and still is an industrial/corporate standard.

    Mickeysoft had to provide XP compatibility in Win7 to get corporate
    users to even consider upgrading. There are a few quirks with legacy
    software (mostly drivers but some installers) on Win7 esp 64 bit.
    That is down to your mistakes and clueless user error.

    I doubt if any modern software distributions are tested to install on
    anything earlier than WinXP so you are on your own with Win2k.
    The only things that do drop off is support for ancient and not quite so
    ancient peripherals which can be annoying. Most applications will run
    fine on most later versions of windows. I still have some Win95 programs
    that run perfectly happily on Win7. The odd legacy program needs careful
    handling where long filename defaults are concerned.

    Have you considered writing a travelogue based on your experiences with
    the sand lizards of Alpha Centauri - it could be a best seller.
    You evidently don't know very much then.
    You can choose what runs and what doesn't. The method of doing this in
    Windows is clumsy but it is provided.
  12. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    I think OP is having serious download problems. I run LTSpice in several
    different versions of wine under different versions of linux and it works
    just fine, including updates. I can even get it to run in Win98 native.

  13. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    Win2k might just be the exception.

    Is he still on wet string with a modem that cannot do 33k reliably?

    Is there a published MD5 digest or CRC32 for the download he is having
    trouble with? That would confirm that the download is corrupt.

    Usually ZIP files test their self integrity well enough that you don't
    have bother. I have only once seen a bad self extracting ZIP file that
    ran for quite a while before finding a piece that was bad (and that was
    on a genuinely defective installer disk for a product).

    Not sure how well gz self integrity checks perform in practice but I
    have yet to see one fail.
  14. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Win2K has as a part of its search capability to search by name,
    drive, included text, and date range or ANY combo.

    Win7 as far as i was able to use was search by file name ONLY and it
    DID NOT find the 2 files i damn well knew was on the drive (just forgot
    where); it found ONLY TWO other files out of a total 20-22 that (after i
    found them) were obvious matches to the given criteria.
    I proved that by re-booting to Win2K and doing the SAME search on the
    same drive with the same parameters.

    So, it seems by your response,one must BUY an extra program - one
    that WRT Win7's dim past, was not needed.
  15. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    * YOU are the idiot; i had ALREADY said that one could search by file name.
    You are purposely IGNORING that the (ASCII) contents cannot be used
    for search.
    And from my experience,i say you lie; there were about 20 or so files
    that matched the filename criteria and ONLY TWO of them were found.
    * Can you disable: Alerter, Messenger, Distrubited Link Tracking
    Client, Distributed Transaction Coordinator, NetMeeting Remote Desktop
    Sharing, Routing and Remote Access, Smart Card, Smart Card Helper, and
    almost a half a dozen others that most people do not use or want?
    Task Manager DOES NOT have control over those i listed; there are
    about 50 of those i CAN control in Win2K.
    * Really? Then how come that _something_ always complains that you MUST
  16. JW

    JW Guest

    [...] AlwaysWrong being AlwaysWrong.
    You are correct. Even XP is pretty lame and misses stuff. I gave up on the
    explorer shell and use Xplorer2. It's pretty reasonably priced at $30 and
    quite powerful.
    Right click on "My computer" and select manage. It's in there.
  17. JW

    JW Guest

    Hmmm... There is this:

    But I can't vouch for it, and it *is* MS product...
  18. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Answer to this question is pivotal concerning me moving to Win7: How
    can one have small icons on desktop (like Win2K had)?
    Reason: i have about 70 shortcuts now and have space to add as i need.
    The name "shortcut" is a true indication of functionality and
    usefulness and a great timesaver.
    Thanks for answer ahead of time.
  19. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    * This proves my proposition that Win7 does not give the capability that
    Win2K had and that there is a need for something to help.
    Please note the lie on that page "Few people store all their files in
    one place these days. So Windows 7 is..".
    Even in Win2K almost always one is pushed, shoved and kicked to "My
    Documents" - i count that as ONE place.
    The few times i used Win7, i found that it was even more pushy.
    One has to kick and scream ("NO..NO...GO _HERE_") to put and/or get

    * At least it "looks" good..
  20. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

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