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LTspice is only for windows

Discussion in 'CAD' started by kubik, Aug 8, 2004.

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  1. kubik

    kubik Guest

    I need to use a circuit simulator under a linux O.S. I downloaded LTSpice
    ( Switcher-CAD III ) and i found a .exe file.
    I ask: is there a linux version of LTSpice?
    If not can i use LTSpice under wine and how i can do it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. kubik,
    Yes, that version of LTspice will run on Linux w/ WINE. Here is the
    relavent part of the FAQ:

    Q. Do you have a version of LTspice for Linux?
    A. Not a separate edition, but it does run under
    WINE. The program has been tested on Linux
    RedHat 8.0 with WINE version 20030219.

    Q. OK, I've never used WINE, how do I install that
    on my Linux box?
    A. 1. Check with to find the current
    version of WINE for your system. At the time
    of this writing, for RedHat 8.0, this points
    2. Copy the appropriate .rpm file to your machine
    and open it from nautilus.
    3. Get the file swcadiii.exe from
    In an xterm, execute "wine swcadiii.exe" to
    install LTspice.
    4. There will now be a Linear Technology Logo on
    your gnome desktop. Double click it to start
    or type "wine scad3.exe" from an xterm to
    start the program. That's it!

    Q. The schematic fonts don't scale as smoothly under
    WINE as Windows. Why is that?
    A. WINE is doing the best best it can with the fonts
    it finds. It will do better if you tell it how
    to find the files arial.ttf and cour.ttf from
    your Windows system.

    Q. The PWL additional point editor doesn't look
    right under WINE?
    A. Try using the native Windows .dll from your
    Windows system. The command line to then invoke
    LTspice from WINE is:
    wine -dll commctrl,comctl32=n scad3.exe.

    Q. It seems LTspice is running slightly differently
    under WINE/Linux than windows. Why is that?
    A. LTspice detects whether or not it's running under
    WINE. If so, it works around a few WINE issues.
    You can force LTspice to think it's running under
    WINE with the command line switch -wine. You can
    force it to think it's not with the command line
    switch -nowine in case you're interesting in
    debugging WINE.

    Q. Under Windows, LTspice extends the virtual
    address space for waveform viewing to 64 bits.
    Does that work under WINE?
    A. Yes. It has been tested on waveform files over
    5 Gigabytes in size.

    Q. Under Linux, does it support unlimited component
    count and depth of schematic hierarchy?
    A. Yes. Opps, no. The maximum depth of hierarchy
    is 64 levels but that limit is just there to
    allow detection of infinite subcircuit recursion.
    (Most "unlimited" SPICE's "limit" you to about 21
    levels.) LTspice has no limit on node or
    component count either per page or for the
    entire circuit.

    Q. Does cross-probing while simulation work with
    those slick marching waveforms while running
    under Linux?
    A. Yes.

    Q. So from what version on is LTspice supported
    under WINE?
    A. 2.01g.

  3. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith Guest

    Q. Do you have a version of LTspice for Linux?
    I am running LTSpice 2.09j, Suse-8.1 and wine version 20040213.

    Except for a nagging problem with the cursor when drawing wires, it
    works just fine for what I need.

    There are two problems that Mike could fix when he gets a spare minute.
    (like that will ever happen)

    On my machine, when drawing wires, the cursor does not undraw its self as
    it moves. I have to zoom to force it to repaint.

    Also on my machine, if you have a signal source from a wave file and also
    write to another wave file, the sim runs very very slowly or in fact
    hanges, I not sure which.
  4. Ken,

    Could you verify that this happens in the current version(2.10z) and report
    to the address on the Help=>About dialog box.(I never put that e-mail
    in print anywhere else for spam reasons.) I'm not at my linux box
    right now, but my memory tells me that at least the cursor problem
    doesn't happen on Linux/WINE.

  5. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith Guest

    You mean "doesn't happen on my Linux/WINE" I assume and yes I will do it
    over the next day or two.
  6. : I need to use a circuit simulator under a linux O.S. I downloaded LTSpice
    : ( Switcher-CAD III ) and i found a .exe file.
    : I ask: is there a linux version of LTSpice?
    : If not can i use LTSpice under wine and how i can do it?

    LTSpice is wonderful & runs well under wine, as has already been
    pointed out.

    Since you are a Linux dude, you might want to check out ngspice, which
    is a Linux-native, open-source version of classic SPICE 3f5:

    Grab the 15fixedRC2 version.

    It is a "work in progress", meaning that it sometimes won't converge
    when LTSpice will, and very occasionally exhibits other quirks.
    Personally, I find it extremely useful as a complement to LTSpice,
    particularly because I sometimes want to use a CLI interface to
    SPICE, which LTSpice lacks (or I haven't found yet).

  7. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Stuart Brorson's info is within the message
    You can write netlists, save with .cir extensions and load them on LTspice.
    I've used this to put netlists made by other simulators, in LTSpice.

  8. /* frank */

    /* frank */ Guest

    kubik ha detto questo sabato :
    It's run very well under Wine
    while P$pice under wine sucks....
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