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LTSpice: Convert Simulation Command into a Comment?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Mike Elliott, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Guest

    I'm probably missing the obvious. Right-clicking on a simulation command
    in the schematic editor brings up the Edit Simulation Command dialog
    box. How do you convert that string into a comment?

  2. You want *ctrl*-right click to bring up the relevant box.
  3. Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Guest

    Ah -- of *course!* The secret ctrl-rt-click move!

    Thanks, Paul!

  4. Actually, it's not too secret - just not clearly documented.

    If you look in the help file for 'General Attribute Editor', you'll
    find Cntl-Right click is used to edit raw component parameters. It
    makes sense that the same function can be used to edit the raw
    simulation command, including commenting it out.

    Although you didn't ask:
    Selecting alternate simulation commands through the Right click 'Edit
    Simulation Cmd.' (for example, changing from transient analysis to DC
    sweep) will automatically comment out the previous analysis command.
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