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LTSpice- browse for model

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Paul Burke, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    Just a thought, should be easy to add if anyone at LT can be bothered:
    when adding a model using .inc, it would be nice to be able to browse
    for the model from the edit text box... any chance, please?

    Paul Burke

  2. Hello Paul,

    If you have models with exactly the same pin order in one
    model file, you could make a "drop-down" symbol.
    Place this symbol on your schematic. Then do a right-mouse
    click on it to open a dialog window. Here you can choose
    any model which is in this model file.
    You can try this with the symbol CNSW in LTspice.
    Is this what are looking for?

    More details can be found in the Yahoo groups Files>FAQ.

    Best regards,
  3. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    Almost- I was thinking more of, say, the opamp2 model, where I have to
    add the .inc command by hand when I use (God forefend) other
    manufacturers' spice models, and rather than collecting all the
    applicable models together, allowing a free choice of the included file.
    Of course, I might choose a model with completely different pins (say a
    diode instead of an opamp), but that's my problem, and I can do it
    anyway with .inc.

    Paul Burke
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